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the brightest star in the Southern Cross

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The Company will make further announcements regarding the Acrux funding package and the acquisition of Mothae as soon as practicable.
Paragon Diamonds Finance Director Simon Retter said: "Both Acrux and Paragon are committed to concluding the funding arrangements which we announced on 2 October 2015, subject to the conditions of the Term Sheet, as soon as practicable.
This announcement comes only eight months after Eli Lilly Company acquired the global licensing rights to Axiron from Acrux for $335 million plus royalties.
Geoff Linnell, from Acrux Resources commented: "We are pleased to have agreed terms with Paragon for an investment that will bring both the Mothae and Lemphane kimberlite projects into production.
Acrux, which has never made a profit, closed the week up A$0.
US) II-39 Acrux Limited (Australia) II-39 Actavis, Inc.
Deep sky objects Designation Object type NGC 4052, Collinder 251, open cluster vdBH 126 NGC 4103, Dunlop 291, open cluster vdBH 127 M 99, NGC 4254, Coma galaxy Pinwheelc Coma Berenices Cluster, open cluster Melotte 111 NGC 4349, Dunlop 292, open cluster Collinder 255, vdBH 130 NGC 4361, ESO 573-19, planetary nebula ASSA 48 NGC 4372, C 108, Ben 50 globular cluster alpha Crucis, Acrux, SAO double star 251904, Dun 252 Dark Doodad, DCld dark nebula 301.
and a former board member at Cambridge Antibody Technology (UK), Acrux Limited (Melbourne, Australia) and Advisory Board Member for Ovation Pharmaceuticals (now Lundbeck).
The Off Show Floor environment encompasses all the education and breakout session rooms and is where a large number of attendees will get access to the InteropNet via wireless," said Glenn Evans, lead architect at Interop and principal at Acrux Consulting.
We believe Ruckus technology is uniquely suited for serving high-capacity, high-density environments like trade shows, and we know the thousands of show attendees will enjoy a great user experience on InteropNet," said Glenn Evans, founder and CEO of Acrux Consulting Inc.
Ingelheim collaboration (2011) and Acrux licensing agreement (2010)
for example, as seen from Johannesburg in December at 21:00, only Acrux, the star at the foot of the Cross, is visible above the horizon.
The other vendors mentioned in this report are Actient Pharmaceuticals LLC, Acrux Ltd.
Ingelheim collaboration (2011 estimate) and Acrux licensing agreement