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the brightest star in the Southern Cross

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This partnership between Acrux and Lilly is just the latest in a long history of international biotech partnerships formed between Victorian institutions and international biotech powerhouses the Victoria-California Stem Cell Alliance and the Victoria-Israel Science and Technology R&D Fund are two additional prime examples.
It's being spoken about more readily," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Acrux chief executive Richard Treagus, as saying.
A2 Corporation Limited, Acambis Plc, Acrux Limited, Actelion Ltd, Advanced Ocular Systems Limited, Affymax Inc.
Whereas Acrux, the star at the foot of the Southern Cross, just kisses the horizon as seen from the Winter Star Party's site at West Summerland Key (latitude 24.
Fempharm Pty Ltd, Bayer AG, Allergan Plc, Acrux Limited
Lucara has agreed to extend exclusivity based upon an appropriate timetable for Paragon to complete their US$15 million funding package with Acrux Resources Proprietary Limited ( Acrux ), announced on 2 October 2015, and Lucara reserves its rights to terminate exclusivity based upon any deviation from this schedule.
1] Cru, Acrux 12 27 25 -63 10 46 [gamma] Cru, Gacrux 12 31 59 -57 11 36 [beta] Cru, Mimosa 12 48 35 -59 46 03 [alpha] Vir, Spica 13 25 58 -11 14 12 [beta] Cen, Hadar 14 04 52 -60 26 32 [alpha] Boo, Arcturus 14 16 2 +19 06 56 [[alpha].
M2 PHARMA-November 24, 2010-Lilly, Acrux gain FDA nod for Axiron topical solution CIII(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 24, 2010-Eli Lilly and Company and Acrux granted US FDA approval for Axiron topical solution CIII for testosterone deficiency(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Indianapolis IN), the maker of the impotence pill Cialis, acquired from Acrux Limited (West Melbourne, Australia) a license to commercialize an underarm testosterone lotion for men whose low levels of the hormone leave them with limited sex drive.
Such a result is analogous to the very problem adverted to by Hewson J in The Acrux.
At the foot of the Southern Cross and closest to the south celestial pole is Alpha ([alpha]) Crucis, often called Acrux, the constellation's brightest star.
Contract awarded for Acquisition Of Electricity For Operating Materials Acrux
Deep-sky objects Designation Object type and constellation NGC 4052 open cluster in Crux NGC 4103 open cluster in Crux Messier 99 galaxy in Coma Berenices Coma Cluster open cluster in Coma Berenices NGC 4349 open cluster in Crux NGC 4361 planetary nebula in Corvus NGC 4372 globular cluster in Musca Acrux double star in Crux Dark Doodad dark nebula in Musca NGC 4463 open cluster in Musca Coal Sack dark nebula in Crux Messier 88 galaxy in Coma Berenices Stargate Asterism asterism in Corvus NGC 4565 galaxy in Coma Berenices NGC 4609 open cluster in Crux Jewel Box open cluster in Crux Messier 64 galaxy in Coma Berenices NGC 4833 globular cluster in Musca Messier 53 globular cl.