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a process at the anterior end of a sperm cell that produces enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

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ABSTRACT: Effect of two antioxidants (Taurine and Manganese) in extender on different sperm parameters (sperm motility, live sperm percentage, membrane and acrosome integrity) of Sahiwal bulls was evaluated.
HBPs have been viewed as favouring capacitation, acrosome reaction, and altering the immune system response toward the sperm.
Success of fertilization depends on various cellular characteristics of the spermatozoa such as membrane and acrosome integrity, mitochondrial activity, and production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) (Lu & Wu 2005, Espinoza et al.
The database included the seminal variables: concentration, morphology (head, mid piece and tail), membrane structural integrity (MSI), acrosome integrity (ACRI), and membrane functional integrity (MFI); proximal cytoplasmic droplet, (PCD), distal cytoplasmic droplet (DCD), and total cytoplasmic droplets (TCD).
The supravital stain trypan-blue was used to distinguish live and dead spermatozoa while giemsa stain was used to evaluate the integrity of the acrosome membrane.
To be viable, sperm must have intact acrosomes (Bearden & Fuquay, 1999; Schmitt & Webb, 2002).
2) Glycocalyx also plays an important role in sperm protection against the female immune system, acrosome reaction, and ability of the sperm to fertilize oocytes.
A comparison of changes in the acrosomes of frozen ram and bull spermatozoa.
An abundance of any particular defect such as more than 20% of the population with absent or abnormal acrosomes should be reported.
Boar acrosin: classification, inhibition and specificity studies of a proteinase from sperm acrosomes.