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a process at the anterior end of a sperm cell that produces enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

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The present study was conducted to observe the effect of royal jelly (R J) on motility, viability and acrosome integrity of spermatozoa during post-thaw incubation.
The sperm binds to the ZP and undergoes the acrosome reaction, releasing enzymes that allow penetration of zona pellucida.
The percentage of normal acrosomes when cultured in hormone-supplemented medium is shown in Figure 1B-a.
Semen samples were evaluated after dilution, cooling and thawing for motility, progressive motility, viability, morphological acrosome abnormality and hypo-osmotic swelling test.
The "partial reaction" of Mytilus acrosomes was first reported in Mytilus edulis by Dan and Wada (1955).
Likewise, there was a significant decrease in intact acrosomes in the 118-mJ/[cm.
Longitudinal and cross sections show that the head of the spermatozoon is composed mainly of an acrosome and nucleus with only a small amount of cytoplasm separating the acrosome and the nucleus (Fig.
Some acrosomes had granules under the outside plasma membrane (Figure 5).
Sperm with reacted acrosomes or with damaged mitochondria can yield low fertilization rates.
22 M sucrose with regard to intensity of motility, progressive motility, live sperm and normal acrosomes (40 [+ or -] 4%, 3.
The addition of egg yolk in the diluents contributes only slightly to improve the maintenance of normal acrosomes, but the proportion of spermatozoa with severely damaged acrosome is higher when media without egg yolk are used (Visser and Salamon, 1974).
The acrosome was of vital importance for fertilization and boars with high numbers of abnormal acrosomes in the native semen were sterile or subfertile (Bane, 1961; Anderson, 1974).
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to assess differences among treatments on motion characteristics, plasma membrane integrity and normal acrosome morphology.