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a process at the anterior end of a sperm cell that produces enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

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The CatSper calcium channel in human sperm: Relation with motility and involvement in progesterone-induced acrosome reaction.
Semen at pre-freeze and frozen-thaw phase was analyzed for sperm function (motility, viability and Hypo osmotic swelling test [HOST]), acrosome damage, acrosome reaction and lipid peroxidation [LPO]) as detailed below.
Capacitation and acrosome reaction induction on thawed dama deer spermatozoa: glycine effect as cryopreservation diluent supplement.
Breitbart, "Role of hydrogen peroxide in sperm capacitation and acrosome reaction," Biology of Reproduction, vol.
Most sperm function tests analyze parts of the capacitation process, such as hyperactivation, sperm-zona binding, and acrosome reaction [7].
Spermatozoa also acquire vigorous swimming activity in the vicinity of the ova, the so-called hyperactivation phase, which is needed to traverse the zona pellucida after the acrosome reaction to fertilize the egg (Baldi et al.
The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and World Health Organization (WHO), have included Sperm-Binding Assays and Induced Acrosome Reaction as additive tests helping in prediction of fertilization outcomes as well as diagnostic applicability in the clinical settings (ESHRE, 1996; Oehninger et al, (2000).
Proper acrosomal integrity is essential for the acrosome reaction a prerequisite for successful fertilization and subsequent fertility.
The percentage of motility, live, intact plasma membrane, capacitation and acrosome reaction of spermatozoa after treatment:
For mouse sperm, intracellular alkalinization produces a hyperpolarization of sperm membrane potential which may be important for both hyperactivated motility and acrosome reaction.
Only after binding to the ZP3 receptor can a sperm go through a process called the acrosome reaction to release the enzymes needed to penetrate the egg.
8) The sperm binds to the zona pellucida, triggering an event called the acrosome reaction.