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coelenterate genus of order Madreporaria, including staghorn corals

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Last year a partnership between the Horniman and the Center for Conservation (CFC) at Florida Aquarium commenced to develop land-based coral spawning to support reef restoration of the critically endangered species Acropora cervicornis.
Chimerism in wild adult populations of the broadcast spawning coral Acropora millepora on the Great Barrier Reef.
Baird, "Influence of fish grazing and sedimentation on the early post-settlement survival of the tabular coral Acropora cytherea," Coral Reefs, vol.
coerulea (Figure 2 and Table 1), followed by Acropora (13%), Heliopora (9%), Porites (9%), and other species (26%).
So Harrison's team brought in larvae from a species of fast-growing, purple-tipped coral, called Acropora tenuis, collected from a nearby healthier reef.
An in vitro investigation by Dunn, Sammarco and LaFleur, (2012) showed that high concentrations of phosphorus have a beneficial effect on the morphological indicators associated with the growth of Acropora muricata.
Chemically enhanced water-accommodated fraction as well as dispersant alone (Corexit 9500A) impaired fertilization success, as observed with the coral species Acropora millepora (Negri & Heyward 2000).
The effect of carbonate chemistry on calcification and photosynthesis in the hermatypic coral Acropora eurystoma.
We were heartened to see some staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis), which the camp director said was recently taking hold after cooler waters arrived to the reefs following a hurricane.
Nursery-grown corals are needed because the two fast-growing Acropora corals--staghorn and elkhorn--have suffered from massive die-offs since the 1980s.
Acropora species, like table coral, elkhorn coral and staghorn coral, were favored in competition due to their rapid growth.
After bonding in name only with Prince Tellin of Acropora, she is determined to help save his dying kingdom.