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coelenterate genus of order Madreporaria, including staghorn corals

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Nevertheless, on a few occasions we have observed both species occupying the same Acropora cervicornis colonies; and in one instance, we noted T.
This was followed by Millepora complanata (Lamarck, 1816) and Acropora palmata (Lamarck, 1816) which represented 25 percent of all the colonies.
In 2000, she and her colleagues published genetic data indicating--as the new paper does--that Acropora prolifera is actually a hybrid of Acropora cervicornis and Acropora palmata.
200 of 8606) of transcripts examined had circadian expression patterns in Acropora millepora; to date this remains the only study to examine circadian rhythm in a coral species across thousands of genes.
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) with sequencespecific probes suggests that the most abundant groups of bacteria on biofilms inductive to the coral Acropora micropthalma are [gamma]-proteobacteria, [alpha]-proteobacteria, and Cytophaga (Webster et al.
Genetic analysis of the new coral found that its closest relative is Acropora abrotanoides.
Phylogenetic tree analysis of the Nematostella vectensis [alpha] integrins shows that [alpha]196726 clusters with a clade that includes four a integrins from the sponge Amphimedon queenslandica, the [alpha]1 integrin from the stony coral Acropora millepora, [alpha]PAT-2 from Caenorhabditis elegans, and the RGD-binding [alpha] integrin subunits from Homo sapiens [alpha]2b, [alpha]V, and [alpha]8 (Fig.
Wounds on Acropora millepora corals appear blue, for example, while injured tissues on Porites species-like the raised and swollen patches seen above-are an "intense" bubble-gum pink.
Se alimentan de por lo menos 14 especies de corales escleractinidos (Miller 1981), entre los cuales sus presas principales son Acropora palmata y Acropora cervicornis que son dos especies de amplia importancia ecologica en el Caribe por su gran abundancia y por ser formadoras de arrecife (Miller 2001).
Using the aforementioned studies as motivation, and interpreting modified gene expression in Acropora millepora exposed to high pC[O.
Only a few hardy and resilient corals survived, including some massive Porites colonies that had survived previous El Nino events over many decades and a few colonies of Acropora, Pocillopora, and Hydnophora (Boyle et al.
The 150 coral fragments planted in each module were taken from healthy donor corals known as Acropora sp.
Far fewer studies have investigated tolerance to natural stressors other than high temperature, but an experimental study of the coral Acropora yongei exposed to 26 [+ or -] 5 [degrees]C suggests that short-term exposure to cold stress (<5 d) may be more detrimental to photosynthesis and growth rate compared to heat stress, though the reverse may be true under long-term stress (Roth et al.
Located about a mile off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, the NSU coral nursery is fostering re-growth and increased abundance of the threatened staghorn coral species, Acropora cervicornis, which is likely to be soon listed as endangered under the U.