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naming a letter of the alphabet by using a word whose initial sound is the sound represented by that letter

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It had numeral-signs for each exponent of 10, which could be repeated up to nine times each as necessary to write a desired number, it was thus structurally similar to the Roman numerals and the Greek acrophonic numerals, save that it lacked the quinary (base-5) sub-base of these two systems.
The Roman numerals, Greek acrophonic numerals and Egyptian hieroglyphic numerals have limited sets of numeral-signs that are repeated to indicate their addition (e.
To my knowledge, however, no alphabetic numerals are attested among the inscriptions found at Naukratis, while many inscriptions contain acrophonic numerals (Gardner 1888).
Perhaps the early Ptolemies recognised that the similarities between the alphabetic and demotic numerals (as compared to the acrophonic system) facilitated easy translation between the two systems.