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a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name

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Whether all-business, playful, or groan-inducing, astro acronyms allow us to cut to the chase with what are often unimaginably complicated experiments, instruments, or missions.
FOD certainly appears a great candidate to be the next acronym to shake up the world of manufacturing.
On occasion, acronyms can be dangerous and occasionally embarrassing.
What better way to end these musings than with a new acronym (not an initialism or an abbreviation, but a real acronym): STRESS--STOP REGULATORY EXCESSES
The app allows users to search an extensive list of commonly used FAA acronyms for their definitions.
The names that are derived from abbreviations in English are called acronyms.
It is clear that acronyms were very useful as names especially for syndromic conditions that have multiple features and are difficult to remember by the dermatologists, therefore, facilitating the recall of the various components of these syndromic conditions.
Other acronyms are common in the benefits industry--but not among the general public.
I was led to believe that the BMS acronym stood for Business Management System, and that throughout the company and its many subsidiaries, it was a common name.
This complicated abbreviation is short for MPEG-l, audio layer 3, with MPEG being an acronym for Motion Picture Experts Group, the standards body that created this file format.
The suggestion of such approach is based on the high correlation among many abbreviations and acronyms which was studied.
Acronyms are very widely used in every type of text, and therefore have to be considered as a research issue as linguistic objects and as named entities.
Mainly because of space considerations, let's not even start on the countless ETLAs (appropriately enough, an extended, three-letter acronym that stands for "extended three-letter acronyms") we could deploy here.