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an athlete who performs acts requiring skill and agility and coordination

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It is useless to describe the astonishing performances of the acrobats and gymnasts.
He didn't want any 'acrobat tricks in the tap- room.' They laid their hands on him.
No one but an acrobat or a sailor could have got up to that bell-rope from the bracket, and no one but a sailor could have made the knots with which the cord was fastened to the chair.
Lastly, he was known to be a startling acrobat; despite his huge figure, he could leap like a grasshopper and melt into the tree-tops like a monkey.
The Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts is pleased to welcome the Golden Dragon Acrobats at 2 p.m.
CIRCUS acrobats performed for Pope Francis during his weekly audience, in what has become a regular feature of the Vatican festive season.
The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show is Anders' second picture book and caters to children who love acrobats, vintage circus lovers, and even those who love collecting vintage memorabilia.
by Times News Service As China's leading acrobatic touring company, the award-winning Golden Dragon Acrobats are renowned for their fluid grace and the spell-binding beauty of their performance of powerful and astonishing athletic feats while skilfully balancing and spinning objects.
Acrobats have been performing in China for a very long time.
The Golden Dragon Acrobats performed at the Vada Sheid Community Development Center as the final show of the first season of the Arkansas State University-Mountain Home Performing Arts Series on the ASUMH campus.
After the opening ceremony when The National Acrobats of the People's Republic of China take the stage at Mechanics Hall Friday evening, the first scheduled performance sequence is titled, "In the Moonlight - Ballet and Hand to Hand Balancing." In the piece, according to the program, "The actress performs a gentle ballet dancing on the shoulders, arms, elbows and palms of the acrobat."
s in has w to rsall ring mers luding the heart stopping acrobats, the Terskyy Brothers from the Ukraine, and the high flying Trio Bokafi springboard acrobats from Hungary are featured.
It has played to more than 10 million people around the world and features an international cast of 50 worldclass acrobats and performers from more than 15 countries, including China, Russia and Monaco.
New Delhi, Nov 21 (ANI): Chinese acrobats put up a spectacular show of their traditional art form here on Thursday.
Acrobats apparently ranked high enough in Nagar's social sphere to serve as sacrificial offerings, the researchers report in the June Antiquity.