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an athlete who performs acts requiring skill and agility and coordination

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As Moroccan acrobatic performances started gaining momentum, British children increasingly became the subject of Moroccan apprenticeship and ethnic exhibition in "Moorish" circuses, a historical fact that intensified legal contestations on the legitimacy of "Oriental" practices in Britain as a whole.
Key words: Activity, meaningful time, situated cognition, acrobatic performance.
The increasingly prominent Arabic Arts Festival takes place in July and one of the major highlights of the 2008 programme will be Taoub-Collectif Acrobatique de Tangier, a dramatic acrobatic performance accompanied by live Arabic music and traditional song.
Weird and wonderful performers from around the world will be entertaining this year's crowds, including a comedy chef duo, the UK's leading all-women acrobatic performance company and a silent comedy act.
By Joey Aguilar/Staff Reporter Professional gymnast Tatyana Yarosh once again took the centre stage in Villaggio mall yesterday afternoon and wowed the crowd with his breath-taking acrobatic performance.
Well even those not familiar with Pink through her 2009 Funhouse tour will remember her breathtaking, unforgettable acrobatic performance of Glitter in the Air at the 2010 Grammys.
But he soon equalised, firing home a shot past Brett Jaeger, who put in yet another stellar, acrobatic performance.
I was taken with the crow and its acrobatic performance on its spindly legs.
Thomas' animated and acrobatic performance is one of the highlights of the show.
and the Mighty Zulu Nation, who left a packed audience in the dance tent spellbound by their music, rhythms and acrobatic performance.
The event will feature the fantastic 'Family Tree' a woodland stilt and acrobatic performance as well as a wide range of demonstrations from heavy horses to willow weaving and lots of activities for children.
TO see Heather's acrobatic performance on the reality show, click on to www.
She attended the audition in Blackpool last week and impressed the judges with an "excellent acrobatic performance using silks.
Backup goalie Wade Flaherty made 54 saves for San Jose in an acrobatic performance that led the Sharks to a 5-3 win over Colorado in Denver.
Like a flawless acrobatic performance, deploying these networks allows Cirque du Soleil to deliver an unforgettable customer experience.