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A resistencia ao Meloidogyne incognita variedade "acrita" e heterozigotica, de modo que 25% das sementes podem apresentar lesoes radiculares.
Acritas compiled its list through interviews with 581 senior general counsel in the U.S., as well as 123 in-house counsel outside the U.S.
Acritas chief executive and founder Lisa Hart said: "I am delighted with the end of year results for 2010 and, thanks to a very strong start to 2011, I am confident we will be able to build on that success.
Acritas has expansion plans which include the creation of new jobs and the opening of new offices in London and New York.
The research, undertaken by Acritas, also has revealed that confidence in both respondents' own businesses and the economy as a whole was at its highest level since the survey began at the beginning of 2012.
Acritas, a business research consultancy in Jesmond, Newcastle, is to create four jobs after winning work with businesses like Lloyds of London.
An economics graduate from the University of Essex, Penny joins the team as an account executive after previously working for Newcastle-based research firm Acritas.
Closer to home, it's North East entrepreneurs like Lisa Hart Shepherd, founder of Acritas, and Joanna Feeley, of Trend Bible, who have developed fantastic businesses that are succeeding globally.
The Forum is working with one of its board members, Lisa Hart Shepherd, whose company Acritas is conducting the survey and will collate the data.