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(36.) The ACRIS data are also available, upon request, from the
Acris crepitans produces complex advertisement signals composed of series of calls [28].
Bastin G ACRIS Management Committee(2008) 'Rangelands 2008--Taking the pulse.
Lenders access Acris' applications as well as their own.
Yn ogystal 'r blodyn menyn ymlusgol mae yna sawl gwahanol flodyn menyn, er enghraifft mae gennych chi'r blodyn menyn cyffredin (Ranunculus acris) y 'meadow buttercup' yn Saesneg.
We also pointed out that more should be done to ensure that supermarkets and government bodies support the industry, particularly during acris is asoccurredin the late summer and autumn.
We incubated 2 [micro]L antihuman heat shock protein 27 (HSP27) polyclonal antibody (SP5105P; Acris) or antihuman DJ-1 monoclonal antibody (ab11251; Abcam) with 10 [micro]L protein A-agarose (Sigma-Aldrich) for 15 min on ice.
The more widespread appearance of Parnassia palustris, Erigeron acris, and Spiranthes romanzoffiana and the classification of unit 6 with units 7 and 8 on Figure 5 follow this suggestion.
pratense, and Ranunculus acris) and compared to uptake of ammonium and nitrate.
There's also a nice double form of the common meadow buttercup, Ranunculous acris flora plena.
Aemilius Baehrens observed that the passer is a surrogate for Lesbia's absent lover: verba autem in sinu tenere porroque acris incitare morsus facile in animum vocant imaginem amatoris puellae suae iocis blanditiisque in fervida oscula acrisque lusus incitati, passer igitur absentis amasii partes apud Lesbiam explet(8) (`Now the words in sinu tenere and acris incitare morsus easily call to mind the image of the lover excited by the wit and charm of his girl to fervid kisses and spirited play.
Richard Wilbur speaks admiringly of "the way he finds what English meters will serve each poem, and weaves down through them with Horatian fluency and momentum." Ferry never makes the mistake of trying directly to imitate classical meters; rather, as he himself puts it in the introduction, "sometimes my translation reflects the way I have heard the rhythms of the Latin." Listen with him to the rhythm of the first line of Odes 1.4: Solvitur acris hiems grata vice veris et Favoni.
Evolution of intraspecific variation in the advertisement call of a cricket frog (Acris crepitans, Hylidae).
We see, for example, that the first group of critics has taken offence not only at the aggressive tone of his work, but at his overblown compositional style (that is, his oratio acris, marked by nimis acer, line 1), while the other opposes his careful attention to refinements of word-arrangement (compositio, marked by composui, line 3).(3) Here, as is true so often in the Sermones, moral issues possess latent aesthetic connotations: these lines are as much about verse-technique as they are about the proper use and extent of ridicule, which is their surface concern.
Ranunculus acris (buttercups), abundant at Smith's dam, Chesuncook, 1853.