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acrylic resin used to make a strong soft crease-resistant fabric (trade name Acrilan)

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Today, Solutia has five brands of carpet yarn fiber, built on the foundation of Wear-Dated as well as Acrilan Plus.
The only criterion for design and construction was that fabrics had to be made from Solutia Acrilan fibers.
Formerly the applied-chemistry division of Monsanto, a chemical company, Solutia produces Acrilan acrylic fiber for upholstery, carpets and apparel.
Bean sells in a blend of 40 percent Acrilan, 20 percent wool, 20 percent Quallofil and 20 percent Dacron, at $36 for a twin, $42 for the 80 by 90 full, 90 by 90 queens at $54 and 108 by 90 kings at $60 described by Bean as "combining the protection, breathability and warmth of natural wool with the high performance and easy care of synthetic fibers." The larger blanket mills are so occupied with the basic acrylics, polyesters and cottons, it's less practical for them to make specialty blankets in comparatively smaller quantities for a customer like Bean or Land's End, or an institutional user or a specialty store group who has a specific type of quality in mind.
"For instance," Petersen said, "our Acrilan chenille yarns are very exciting because of color and hand, and they are being used extensively in upholstery, sweaters, in blankets and throws and craft yarns.
Monsanto is also finding newer home furnishings applications for its Acrilan acrylic line.
NEW YORK--Monsanto's Wear-Dated Upholstery program for Acrilan appears to be catching on.
Jim Allen, marketing director for Malden Mills, says the company bought into the program because Acrilan helps set Malden's velvets and textured fabrics apart.
When the fabric is woven with Acrilan, it is sent back to Monsanto for wear-related performance testing.