Acridotheres tristis

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dark brown crested bird of southeastern Asia

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Ventral abdominal hernia in a common myna (Acridotheres tristis).
Anonymous 2011 "Acridotheres tristis (bird)." IUCN/SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG).
These are: House Sparrow (Passer domesticus), House Crow (Corvus splendens) Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus), Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) Laughing Dove (Streptopelia senegalensis), Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri), Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopacea), Indian Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii), Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) and Dusky Crag-Martins.
Bird Density in Dryland: The highest bird densities were detected in five species, namely Yellow-vented Bulbuls - Pycnonotus goiavier (13.93 +- 1.42 birds/ha), followed by Pink-necked Green Pigeon - Treron vernans (10.66 +- 2.55 birds/ha), Scaly-breasted Munia - Lonchura punctulata (7.93 +- 2.37 birds/ha), Peaceful Dove - Geopelia striata (7.74 +- 1.26 birds/ha) and Common Myna - Acridotheres tristis (6.41 +- 2.26 birds/ha) in the dryland.
Reported cases include surgical removal of a perforating ventricular foreign body in an umbrella cockatoo, (7) multiple gastrointestinal foreign bodies in an umbrella cockatoo, (8) and a ventricular foreign body in a common myna (Acridotheres tristis) (9) and an ostrich (Strut hio camelus).
In South and Southeast Asia the major bird pests are rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri), Asiatic house crows (Corvus splendens), doves (Streptopelia species), common mynas (Acridotheres tristis), common pigeons (Columba livia), house and tree sparrows (Passer domesticus, and P.
Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) constitutes 22.6 %, White- breasted Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis) are 0.6 % and little green bee-eater (Merops orientalis) are 1.0 %.
Reports of gastric foreign bodies in nonpsittacine birds, also resulting in nonlumen-filling impactions, include common mynas (Acridotheres tristis) (14,15) and kori bustards (Ardeotis kori).
Among reptiles, monitor lizard (Varanus monitor) constituted the largest category followed by tortoises of unidentified species, while among birds the dominant bird species was common Myna (Acridotheres tristis).
Some hawkers were found associated with the animal trade, they move street to street and sell wild species like common myna (Acridotheres tristis), bank myna (Acridotheres ginginianus), house sparrow (Passer domesticus) and Indian baya (Ploceus philippinus), which they capture from wild.
(22,24) Avian ventriculotomy has been described in different species, including mynah birds (Acridotheres tristis), ostriches, kiwis (Apteryx australis), and sarus cranes (Grus antigone) (9,29-31); however, veterinarians generally avoid it due to postoperative complications.
Extension of irrigated canal system and converting surrounding lands into croplands has favored species such as Indian wild boar, Black-naped hare, Porcupine, Millardia meltada (Soft-furred field rat), Mus booduga (Little Indian field mouse), Bandicota bengalensis (Sindh rice rat), Nesokia indica (Short-tailed mole rat), Bubulcus ibis (Cattle egret), Ardeola grayii (Indian pond heron), black francolin, grey francolin, Acridotheres tristis (Common myna) and Passer domesticus (House sparrow).
offering roosting sites to Corvus splendens (house crows) and Acridotheres tristis (common myna).
Abstract: A 12-year-old female common mynah (Acridotheres tristis) was examined because of dyspnea and coelomic enlargement.
Abstract: To evaluate tear production in the common mynah (Acridotheres tristis) using the phenol red thread test (PRTT) and to make a comparison of measurements with the PRTT placed in the fornices of lower and upper eyelids, tear production of both eyes in 22 healthy adult captive mynah birds was evaluated.