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Correlation between mandibular morphology and specific diet of some desert grassland Acrididae (Orthoptera).
Acrididae is a family of grasshoppers including locusts in the superfamily Acridoidea which belongs to the order Orthoptera.
Araneae (n=11) Othoptera (n= 9) Coleoptera (n= 9) Hemiptera (n= 7) Pulmonata (n= 7) Diptera (n= 6) Hymenoptera (n= 6) and Lepidoptera (n= 3) were the most species rich Orders while Thomisidae Acrididae Coccinellidae Aphididae Oxychilidae Syrphidae Formicidae Pieridae were the most species rich familes.
En Argentina, se han registrado 203 especies de la superfamilia Acridoidea, siendo la familia Acrididae la de mayor diversidad con 142 especies, seguida de la familia Romaleidae con 36 (Carbonell et al.
With such a design in mind, I tested whether plant resource availability and/or predators controlled the abundance of grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae, Tettigoniidae), a dominant order of insect herbivores, over 8 yr of annual variation in temperature and precipitation.
This group included potential pest families, such as Acrididae and several phytophagous hemipterans, as well as predators classified in Odonata and Neuroptera.
Taxonomic study of Acrididae with illustrated key to genera and species.
La familia mejor representada fue Acrididae con cuatro especies (Cuadro 1).
aquaticum population shows sexual dimorphism in the last stages of development, different from other studies on Acrididae morphometry where this feature appears in other stages such as, for example, in Chromacris speciosa (Thunberg, 1824) (Romaleidae), where the difference between the sexes can be measured from the third stage (Turk and Barrera, 1976).
Las especies que presentaron indices elevados de dominio, abundancia, frecuencia y constancia fueron para el area A: Dichroplus silveiraguidoi, Notopomala glaucipes y Scotussa cliens, todas pertenecientes a la familia Acrididae.
En total, se registraron siete especies de acridios pertenecientes a la familia Acrididae y dentro de esta a las subfamilias Acridinae, Copiocerinae y Melanoplinae (Tabla I).
Revision de las especies del genero Dichroplus Stal, del grupo elongatus (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Catantopinae).