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Antennal sensilla of Acrididae (Orthoptera) in relation to subfamily and food preference.
Within the orthopterans, the family Acrididae had a frequency of occurrence of 85.
Mesquite Juniper Males Females Males Taxa A(34) J(2) A(16) J(1) A(39) Orthoptera Acrididae 32(57.
CAL mortality was calculated based in the data reported by Astacio & Landaverde (1988) about the temperature for development of CAL, and data from Gangwere (1991) on the temperature range for development of Acrididae, as is shown in Table 4.
phyllinus, the gastric caecae-like projections are associated with the posterior midgut, unlike in other Orthopteroidea such as Acrididae and Gryllidae (Orthoptera) and Blattidae (Blattaria), where gastric caecae are located in the anterior midgut and act in the processes of digestion by secreting enzymes and absorbing water and nutrients (Bracke et al.
The genus Clonacris was established by Uvarov in 1943, which belongs to the subfamily Hemiacridinae of the family Acrididae.
A review of the old world Euthymiae (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Cyrtacanthacridinae).
I assumed nymphal Acrididae to be the same species as adult Melanoplus herbaceus Bruner swept from the same P.
Cornops frenatum frenatum (Marschall) (Orthoptera: Acrididae, Leptysminae) in crops of tropical flowers of Heliconia spp.
Grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae and Romaleidae) inflict serious damage to plants throughout their development (Franc & Luong-Skovmand 2009).
Population decline between Aug and Dec 2004 was also observed in number of individuals of the Orthoptera, whose main representatives were members of the Acrididae (Cornops frenatum frenatum (Marshall), and Eutropidacris cristata L.