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the volume of water that would cover 1 acre to a depth of 1 foot

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Annual water savings will be 343 acre-feet per year; lifetime water savings will be 17,000 acre-feet.
That's less than usual: This year over 435,000 acre-feet of water have been released for the farmers' two crops.
According to the contract, Aggregate Industries is required to excavate and develop at least 4000 acre-feet of storage space, but the company could mine enough rock to create storage for up to 10,000 acre-feet.
Army Corps of Engineers listed 75,187 dams with a combined storage capacity of almost 1 billion acre-feet, which is enough to cover the entire state of Texas with six feet of water.
By states working together, we will be able to conserve and store up to 70,000 acre-feet of water annually in future years along the Colorado River.
At its present level of 21-percent of capacity, Lake Nacimiento has 80,520 acre-feet in storage, according to Monterey County reservoir data.
Last year, this city of 450,000 people pumped out almost 120,000 acre-feet.
Together, the two projects will add 100,000 acre-feet a year to the region s water supply by 2017
After a series of lawsuits, judgments and settlements, Los Angeles has had to leave about one- third of the aqueduct supply -- about 160,000 acre-feet a year -- in the Owens Valley and Mono Lake.
The plaintiffs contested the inclusion of 41,000 acre-feet of disputed water in the project's EIR.
LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) General Manager Ron Deaton announced today that the City of Los Angeles will have access to purchasing up to 40,000 acre-feet of water that can be conveyed through the California Aqueduct directly from farmers and other water sellers.
The agency overseeing the valley's annual California Aqueduct allocations said it will receive 95,200 acre-feet of water from the state Department of Water Resources.
Prices and terms are still being negotiated, LaMoreaux said, but Western Canal's general manager said his district is willing to supply Palmdale an annual average over 10 years of 7,500 acre-feet - enough for 7,500 Palmdale families a year - with as much as 15,000 acre-feet available in any one year.
The agency's combined water rights are limited to 75,000 acre-feet per year, which ultimately serves an estimated 690,000 population; fiscal 2005 transmission system demand totaled 62,638 acre-feet per year.