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Synonyms for acquirer

a person who acquires something (usually permanently)

a corporation gaining financial control over another corporation or financial institution through a payment in cash or an exchange of stock

the financial institution that dispenses cash in automated teller machines and collects a fee from the bank that issued the credit card

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In addition, acquiring companies will have to describe "procedures for the handling and monitoring of customers' complaints" as well as "the systems that will be implemented for the collection of statistical and supervisory data," the central bank said.
Acquiring companies will also have to describe their internal control mechanism with respect to anti-money laundering legislation and their unaudited financial statements of the current year -- unless the company is newly formed -- as well as audited financial statements of the parent company when applicable, the Central Bank said.
If preserving acquired capabilities is valued, this could be a serious concern for acquiring companies.
Thus, the standards still place acquiring companies at a competitive disadvantage to those that build their goodwill and other intangibles internally.
This trend toward losing acquired company top executives raises troubling questions for executives of acquiring companies: If some acquired company top executives are going to leave, then which ones should acquiring companies try hardest to retain?
Apparently, many acquiring companies are discovering this.
In addition, we used the MergerStat database (a commercially available database of corporate merger information) to determine merger announcement dates and the premiums acquiring companies paid.
In another reorganization qualifying as a merger under state law, a target that transferred some of its assets and liabilities to each of two acquiring companies liquidated.
Of those 390, however, less than a third were carried out by European companies acquiring companies in the US and Canada.
The acquisition is in line with the strategy of the Alfa Laval Group of acquiring companies that complement the existing business in terms of products, geography or in the form of new sales channels.
The plain language would seem to encompass agreements between acquiring companies and employees of the target company.
"Acquiring companies have too much stock that's overvalued to pay for these acquisitions.
Salvatico points to a discrepancy between the coverage held by the acquired and acquiring companies. In a recent case board members of the acquired company felt comfortable with the $20 million limit of their policy, but the acquiring company carried only a $10 million limit.
Consequently, it has been extremely difficult to effect a C reorganization for acquiring companies that previously held a portion of the target's stock.
The outcome in Ellis Banking is arguably not controlling for classifying acquiring companies' investigatory costs; that case was decided on facts and circumstances that arose in years prior to the Sec.