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Synonyms for acquire

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Synonyms for acquire

to come into possession of

to come gradually to have


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Synonyms for acquire

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Acquirers and targets spend millions pursuing and resisting takeover attempts.
- Acquirer information - acceptance brand by acquirer
All banks are either issuer or acquirer, we're on both sides," he said.
Thus, this finding is consistent with the idea that synergies are important for value creation for acquirers, and these synergies are more likely to be realized when an acquisition takes advantage of the supply chain.
They find that "target" hospitals, those that are acquired in a merger, save 1.5 percent on purchases post-consolidation, but "acquirer" hospitals see minimal effects.
The agreement included a "go-shop" provision designed to give other potential acquirers an opportunity to make an offer for Navigators.
In such a case, any payment made to them will likely involve the Pakistani acquirer drawing down the country's dollar reserves by selling rupees and buying US dollars in the currency market and then sending that cash abroad to the sellers' home country (in this case, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia respectively).
Anthony Holder, Chairman & CEO, said, "We are honored to be recognized as a Top 60 Acquirer by The Nilson Report.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-February 26, 2018-Danish Acquirer brings Apple Pay to 5,000 Nordic webshops
However, other factors related to the foreign acquirer's home country and target company managers' unfavourable perceptions of it may also contribute to costs and hurdles for foreign acquirers.
The Merchant Contact service includes; Outbound and Inbound EMV compliance campaign support for Acquirers and ISO's - to encourage merchant terminal upgrades and to support services for EMV related questions, Compliance Outreach Service - to educate merchants on the benefits of compliance and to provide support through the PCI DSS compliance process, Outbound Telesales Service - to support the launch of new products and services by Acquirers, Inbound Response Handling Service - to handle incoming calls for Acquirer campaigns and an Inbound Overflow Service - offering an over-flow capability to assist Acquirers who may have call-handling capacity challenges .
The relatively recent and continuing entry of early stage private-equity-backed acquirers is a game-changer.
programme, there is now payment and risk management expertise available to acquirers in EMEA and around the globe, including across the wider USA.
Acquirers stepped up their activity in the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace in 2014, spending approximately $14.3bn to acquire 60 companies in 2014 according to 451 Research.