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There was, however, a pattern of acquired syphilis running through Joyce's adult life and it was a major theme in his work.
Those who have been treated for another STD, such as gonorrhea, should be tested to be sure they have not also acquired syphilis.
During the course of the experiments, doctors observed that syphilis was easily transmitted from baby to wet nurse (many of the women who lived at the hospital had acquired syphilis in this manner) but very rarely from wet nurse to baby.
The incidence of syphilis is currently very low in Canada, but recent trends in the United States indicate an increase in rates of heterosexually acquired syphilis, most notably in young women, associated with crack cocaine use and the exchange of sex for drugs (Rolfs, Goldberg, & Sharrar, 1990).
That he acquired syphilis (if that is what it was) in a demonic pact which, according to Jones, enabled him to deliver to the world a death wish, best exhibited by the Nietzschean Negro himself, Mick jagger, is laughable.