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Acquired syphilis is divided into early and late syphilis.
6 Acquired syphilis which is transmitted congenitally or sexually has primary, secondary, or tertiary stages.
Clinical standards for the screening and management of acquired syphilis in HIV-positive adults.
TEESSIDE is experiencing its worst outbreak of heterosexually acquired syphilis since local records began.
We report a case of acquired syphilis with symptoms of Tullio phenomenon in a patient concurrently diagnosed with HIV infection, The resurgence of syphilis in HIV-positive groups at high risk has public health implications for prevention of both diseases.
There was, however, a pattern of acquired syphilis running through Joyce's adult life and it was a major theme in his work.
Those who have been treated for another STD, such as gonorrhea, should be tested to be sure they have not also acquired syphilis.