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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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From the logs, the exact depth and thickness of the screened intervals to be opened to the acquifer are determined.
The Santa Lucia acquifer could potentially accommodate 25-40 Bcf of natural gas storage, serving natural gas markets in Buenos Aires and southeastern Brazil.
"The area is 400 meters above sea level and has an extremely good acquifer," said Donald DeVost, chief financial officer for Polar.
However, institutional arrangements need to be made to regulate the water markets and check the over-exhaustion of the acquifer.
The continuous tree-planting program was meant to address the shortage of water in Cebu by retaining water in acquifers.
"There are many geological constraints, including proximity of underground acquifers, coal deposits, as well as faultlines and unsuitable rock formations.
Beyond this, however, Earth's groundwater supplies (located in many underground acquifers such as the Ogallala Aquifer in the United States) are also being progressively contaminated by gasoline, oil and chemicals from leaking storage tanks; bacteria, viruses and household chemicals from faulty septic systems; hazardous wastes from abandoned and uncontrolled hazardous waste sites (of which there are over 20,000 in the USA alone); leaks from landfill items such as car battery acid, paint and household cleaners; and the pesticides, herbicides and other poisons used on farms and home gardens.
But this form of extraction can pollute acquifers - and bore holes in Canonbie have been found to be faulty.
Measures for conservation of water and recharge of acquifers were to be implemented on a larger scale to provide for sustained supply of water.
The cost of this irrigation though has been immense and the policy in 2008 was abandoned as acquifers began to run dry or became polluted by seawater.
Growing water scarcity, with highland acquifers shrinking by 10-20 feet a year, is threatening agriculture in Yemen, a country of 23 million, a population the World Bank says is exploding at an estimated 8% a year.
What is however known, is the fact the acquifers that have supplied water to the Erongo region for many years are running perilously dry," Mbako said.