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After they analyzed acoustical data, Cornell University researchers discovered that a blue whale swam by Long Island this winter, about 70 miles off the coast.
The unusual exchange followed a note the US Navy's top officer, Admiral Vernon Clark, sent to his Russian counterpart to provide some detailed information based on acoustical data collected by US ships when the Kursk sank.
Oceanographic, environmental and acoustical data are being compiled, and the navy plans to thoroughly reconstruct the sound field produced by the ships' sonar equipment.
For this reason, it is intended to conduct further resonance frequency tests at archaeological sites where ethnological evidence can help 'calibrate' results, and at sites where it might reasonably be speculated that female officiants operated, to see if workable distinctions can be determined in the acoustical data.
The NI 9234 dynamic signal acquisition module is ideal for vibration and acoustical data logging because engineers can turn on or off IEPE conditioning as well as select AC or DC coupling.