sympathetic vibration

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(physics) vibration produced by resonance

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From a comparison of results at different air cavity resonance frequencies, the effective coupling between the structural and acoustic resonances can be seen to have a very strong influence on the rim force output.
The former could be explained by considering the mathematical formulation to approximate acoustic resonance in an enclosed volume.
Finishing bells remains tedious and manual, and scrap is common considering the instrument's necessary fine grain structure for acoustic resonance.
Edmond et al., "Heritability and genetic correlation of measurements derived from acoustic resonance frequency analysis; a novel method of determining eggshell quality in domestic hens," British Poultry Science, vol.
FT Technologies1 patented Acu-Res technology uses a technique called acoustic resonance to sense airflow, and this technology enables the construction of a wind sensor with no moving parts.
A formant is an acoustic resonance of the vocal tract.
A direct relationship between the applied RF voltage and the acoustic resonance frequency Mows the microresonators to select or filter an electronic RF.
The STRATOJET bubble generator uses a passive acoustic resonance created by flow interaction with the nozzle and upstream chambers to induce the formation of large vortical ring cavities that break up to generate very fine bubbles.
Acoustic thermometers determine the thermodynamic temperature of dilute, high-purity argon or helium by measuring the acoustic resonance frequencies of a gas-filled cavity (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7).
Engineers are investigating how to reduce the effect because it may cause acoustic resonance and damage engine parts.
The author commented that the acoustic resonance method measures a volume-weighted MOE and that bark adds mass to the stem without contributing much MOE.
Acoustic resonance frequencies are of importance in a sound-amplifying device: engineers study these using an FEA modal analysis, which incorporates natural vibration frequencies and the specific vibration patterns of the structure being studied.
Operationally, the ActiveMetal technology has its basis in trapped acoustic resonance combined with rugged metal housings.
The researchers took advantage of the fact that the pitch of the sound (acoustic resonance) induced by knock changes with the combustion temperatures.
Next, the scientists wanted to find out whether infected eggs would show a different acoustic resonance. First, they dipped a syringe into a liquid teeming with S.
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