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fruit of the oak tree: a smooth thin-walled nut in a woody cup-shaped base

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"We know Acorns makes a huge difference to children and families across Lichfield and the West Midlands and does some amazing work in the local community."
NRW pays up to PS4.40/ kg for the acorns before sending them to the Forestry Commission tree nursery in Cheshire.
When she opened Acorns to children and families, it was only the third children's hospice in the world.
Toby Porter, Chief Executive of Acorns, said: "We are thrilled and deeply honoured that His Royal Highness will be visiting Acorns.
Poet in residence Nick Nibb created a new poem about the stealing of the acorns, while local musician Chris Sidwell, as John Lennon, and Coventry ambassador Marie Allen, as Yoko Ono, made an entry as the famous couple - acorns in hand.
Each dish will be expertly paired with three beers from Scratch Brewing Company, including one made with fermented acorns -- a unique process not before used in brewing.
Ask how your children might be able to earn more acorns without working for them.
Also, acorns serve as fodder for pigs and other domestic livestock.
Vault and its employees will become part of the Acorns team.
Ffion Hughes, education co-ordinator at Natural Resources Wales, said: "Re-planting trees in the area they were found as acorns can reduce the chances of spreading pests and diseases that can devastate our forests in Wales.
If you follow the path of your ancestors and learn how to remove the tannins from acorns, you will find that this bitter little nut can become quite edible.
Acorns CEO and co-founder Walter Cruttenden said, "We built Acorns specifically to address the needs and preferences of millennials.
Acorns enables anyone to invest in the stock market by removing the barriers that prevent people from getting started, such as account minimums.
Acorns from these species of white oaks are not as bitter tasting as acorns from species of red growing side by side!