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any of various usually poisonous plants of the genus Aconitum having tuberous roots and palmately lobed leaves and blue or white flowers

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City health officials said that the herbal tea contained Aconite, a plant-based toxin, the San Francisco Examiner (http://www.
Please send cheques and postal orders made payable to Mr Fothergill's to People Winter Aconite Offer, Mr Fothergill's, Rookery Farm, Holbeach St Johns, Spalding, Lincs, PE12 8SG and clearly state your name and address.
One that makes a classic companion for snowdrops is the winter aconite, Eranthis hyemalis.
As garden plants, the aconites are very ornamental, hardy perennials.
You can slot a mix of different species - such as snowdrop, aconites, crocus, daffodils - into existing beds and borders so that, as they finish doing their thing, the perennials and shrubs will take over, creating a long season of interest.
Aconites are often planted with the early spring flowering Crocus thomassianus, and one of the best is Ruby Giant, an intense reddish purple that sets off the aconites far better than either violet or the lilac crocuses.
Kiplin Hall reopens to the public on Sunday and its snowdrops and aconites are already in flower.
Ask Clive Q I have never had much success with winter aconites.
They look lovely with bulbs such as aconites and cyclamen coum, under deciduous trees.
They look lovely with other bulbs which flower simultaneously, such as aconites and Cyclamen coum, colonising under deciduous trees.
Lift overcrowded clumps of snowdrops and winter aconites, separate them and replant them at their original depth.
They are stunning in patio pots, especially tulips, whereas daffodils, narcissus, aconites, snowdrops, crocus and fritillarias are also ideal for naturalising in grass for a more informal display with other wild flowers.
Further south in Wiltshire, Heale Gardens is also renowned for its annual drifts of snowdrops and aconites that provide early welcome colour.
DIVIDE overcrowded clumps of snowdrops and winter aconites after flowering while the leaves are still green and transplant them immediately, more widely spaced.