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someone who assists a priest or minister in a liturgical service

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His first book The Acolytes of Crane was written from the complex mind of a veteran with extensive experience in combat and knowledge in areas of Science.
Encouraged to regard the law as an irrelevance and an occasional tool but never a restraint, political acolytes become habituated into breaking laws, in matters large and small.
While Morgentaler himself undeniably has his ghoulish acolytes, as charismatic figureheads go, he's a pretty damp squib, lacking both charm and eloquence, and given to blurting poisonous, insupportable, and self-promoting bromides about how much his work as a foetus liquidator has driven down crime rates in contemporary Canadian society.
In Several Stories, which his Misnomer Dance Theatre brings to Battery Park this month, six dancers scuttle with the clean, exuberant line of early Nikolais/Louis works, their hesitant legs thrusting forward like the limbs of a praying mantis, They might be acolytes of Pan or creatures from the world of Dr.
One of his most devoted acolytes was none other than Steve Jobs, who relied on Noyce's advice in the formative days of Apple Computer.
As for education professors, our primary accomplishment as acolytes of pedagogical progressivism has been to change the rhetoric of educators, who have all come to talk like constructivists.
After receiving outraged e-mails from FOF acolytes, Olbermann commented on the matter on his blog, pointing out that Dobson had no one to blame but himself for the media frenzy.
Our brave, stalwart President and his loyal band of altruistic acolytes, who ignored the weak, doddering, and senile protestations of the entire Commie Pinko Yellow Rat Bastard World by taking this country into a preemptive war based on charges of weapons of mass destruction that mysteriously never materialized?
The attractive book is filled with powerful photos, graphics and quotations, making it enjoyable for acolytes or the casual reader.
Harry's chief antagonist for most of the book is not the self-consciously evil Voldemort or his acolytes, the Death Eaters, but the magical establishment, as represented at Hogwarts by the officious Dolores Umbridge.
Interesting questions arise here concerning Della Porta's theatricality and the innate contradiction between confidentiality among adepts and acolytes and the mass medium of print, vernacular print, at that.
Last November, 12 clergy in full regalia--accompanied by acolytes with candles, crosses, holy water, and faith--processed to the federal building in Portland, Oregon, to perform a "social exorcism" of the executive branch of the United States government.
Frodo and his mix of human, elfin, dwarfish and forest friends find themselves stumbling into one crisis after another, battling a succession of enemies, all of whom serve as willing acolytes to the dark lord Sauron and his evil wizard ally Sarumen (Christopher Lee).
He is a chameleon, who has surrounded himself with like-minded power hungry acolytes who stick with him so that they stay in their exalted positions.