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Total numbers of individuals captured (N), catch-per-unit-effort (CPUE), relative abundances (RA), percentage of reaches where at least one individual of a species was captured (O), and maximum lengths of individuals captured (TL) in the lower Yellowstone River Fyke net Family/Species N CPUE RA O TL Acipenseridae Shovelnose sturgeon Scaphirhynchus platorynchus 0 0.
KHV DNA has been identified by different PCR methods in a lot of members of the families Acipenseridae [22], Cyprinidae, including common carp or koi hybrids [23-25], and Percidae in many wild fish populations within close vicinity to, or in carp ponds [26,27].
appendix, American brook lamprey 2 1 Acipenseridae Scaphirhynchus platorynchus, shovelnose sturgeon 4 1 4 Polyodontidae Polyodon spathula, paddlefish 26 Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus oculatus, spotted gar L.
The beluga, Huso huso, belongs to the largest family of fresh water chondrostean fish, the Acipenseridae (containing 27 species), which appeared about 200 million years ago (2), (3).
Shovelnose sturgeon Scaphirhynchus platorynchus are the most abundant member of the family Acipenseridae within the Mississippi River and support commercial fisheries in portions of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers (Kline and Golden, 1979; Carlson et al.