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Bioaccumulation and chronic toxicity of dietary L-selenomethionine in juvenile white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus).
KEY WORDS: juvenile Acipenser brevirostrum; juvenile Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus; Delaware River
Once inhabiting Gulf coastal rivers from the Mississippi River to Tampa Bay, the Gulf sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi is now rarely found south of the Suwannee River in Florida.
Today, three such farms for white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) are operating successfully outside Sacramento, Calif.
An effort to reintroduce the endangered species Acipenser fulvescens into lakes and rivers requires raising juvenile fish in an aquaculture setting.
Fish: Halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus), hirame (Paralichthys olivaceus), turbot (Scophthalmus maximus), white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus), Siberian sturgeon (A.
Salmon (Salmo, Oncorhynchus), lampreys (Petromyzon in Europe, Lampetra in Europe and North America, Geotria in South America) and most sturgeons (Acipenser, Huso) are examples of the latter--they all ascend rivers to spawn.
The lake sturgeon, acipenser fluvescens, which has existed since the age of dinosaurs belongs to a bizarre-looking family of fishes with skin that feels like rubber sprinkled with glass.
This comment reports results from a more accurate replication of LGG's original study with lesser-known public goods, the peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) and short-nose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum).
(13.) Weber W: Population size and habitat use of shortnose sturgeon Acipenser brevirostrum in the Ogeechee River system, Georgia.
"They say I can stock this type of sturgeon (Acipenser sturio) but, under this Act, I am not allowed to let anglers fish for them.
At least one other species, the Pacific White Sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus, was an important subsistence and commercial resource for Aboriginal people before it was over-harvested by non-Aboriginal fishermen in the late nineteenth century.
In central and northern California's cold upwelled waters, traditionally targeted species included Pacific salmon, Oncorhynchus spp.> striped bass, Morone saxatilis> rockfishes, Sebastes spp.> lingcong, Ophiodon elongatus> and white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus.
Effects of dietary protein level on growth performance, nitrogen and energy budget of juvenile hybrid sturgeon, Acipenser baerii a x A.