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a command that is the primary provider of air combat weapon systems to the United States Air Force

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of Cases Pleomorphic Adenoma 22 Chronic Sialadenitis 6 Warthin's Tumour 2 Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma 6 Acinic Cell Carcinoma 4 Histopathological No.
The fact that MASC, like its breast counterpart, is associated with rearrangement of the ETV6 gene has been a great benefit in the early identification and characterization of this entity from morphologic mimickers (predominantly acinic cell carcinoma [AciCC] and adenocarcinoma, not otherwise specified), which has allowed a relatively quick and robust recognition of this entity.
Acinic cell carcinoma of minor salivary glands: a clinical and immunohistochemical study.
Among the cancers, various types were distinguished and the term 'tumour' was replaced by 'carcinoma' for 2 entities namely acinic cell carcinoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma.
Acinic cell carcinoma shows overlapping architectural features with MASC, (3,8) but it typically shows basophilic cytoplasm containing periodic acid-Schiff-positive zymogen granules ("blue dot tumor"; Figure 2).
1% each of mucinous carcinoma, invasive papillary carcinoma and acinic cell carcinoma, 2.
Muco-epidermoid carcinoma accounted for 30% of primary parotid malignancy, followed by acinic cell carcinoma (27%), lymphoma (10%), adenoid cystic carcinoma (10%) and primary SCC (7%).
Incidence of Acinic cell carcinoma and was identical to other published series.
Malignant lesions diagnosed by FNAC were primary & secondary neoplasm of liver, adeno carcinoma of various organs, sarcoma, neuroendocrine carcinoma, non-hodgkin's lymphoma, anaplastic carcinoma, mixed germ cell tumor, small cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma, acinic cell carcinoma, Ewing's sarcoma, adrenocortical tumor, renal cell carcinoma, seminoma and various surface epithelial carcinomas of ovary.
Acinic cell carcinoma is uncommon in this location.
Acinic cell carcinoma (AciCC) is a low-grade, slow-growing tumor, which usually recapitulates growth of normal acinar cells, and is generally associated with a good prognosis.
1-3) We describe an unusual presentation of a parapharyngeal acinic cell carcinoma (ACC) that arose from a minor salivary gland.
of Positives Mucoepidermoid carcinoma 6 Acinic cell carcinoma 3 Adenoid cell carcinoma Nil Adenocarcinoma Nil Carcinoma pleomorphic adenoma 2 Malignant cells 3
These include tumors such as myoepithelioma, acinic cell carcinoma, and salivary duct carcinoma.
A left parotidectomy was also performed, and the final pathology was consistent with acinic cell carcinoma with positive margins.