igneous rock

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Acidic rock cliffs and ledges (usually composed of sandstone) in shady, dry-mesic environments; Cumberland Plateau, Ridge and Valley, upper Piedmont; infrequent.
Areas riddled with pockets of pyrite, a highly acidic rock that would be dangerous to trout in the Ocoee River, were identified through geophysical surveying and drilling.
It is thought the farm is crawling with spiders because of its unique geography: it partly overlays limestone as well as the more typical, acidic rocks of upland Wales, increasing the number of spiderfriendly vegetation types.
brasiliensis is a rare species; it grows on crevices and hollows of acidic rocks, at 2000 m or more, where the lycophyte Huperzia saururus (Lam.
It grows as saxi-terricolous in hollows or slight depressions of acidic rocks, in open sites exposed to wind, sun, rain or snow, with Polytrichum juniperinum Hedw.