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a musical style that emerged in the 1960s

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The album's deceptive simplicity and loose bar-room arrangements disguised a deeply spiritual album that managed to reinstate traditional musical forms - country, blues, gospel - within the context of acid-rock.
We're working with the family and with Big Brother and the Holding Company [the San Francisco acid-rock band with which Joplin sang], and we have rights to use Janis's master recordings.
Contaminated material at the site includes approximately 328 million tons of acid-generating waste rock, more than 100 million tons of tailing, and acid-rock drainage at the mine and seepage at the tailing facility.
The freely improvising group, the longest-running of San Francisco's 1960s acid-rock bands, now includes the other surviving members (Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and Bill Kreutzmann), augmented by a trio of seasoned musicians (guitarist Jimmy Herring, keyboardists Rob Barraco and Jeff Chimenti) and gutsy r&b singer Joan Osborne.
Boasting an unusual high-pitched (almost shrill) voice and that unique poetic bent, she draws from a wide range of influences - gospel, country, folk, acid-rock, jazz and pop - to create work that's highly personal.
Live at the Fillmore East'' (RCA) finds the quintessential San Francisco acid-rock band drawing material from their first four albums: ``Jefferson Airplane Takes Off,'' ``Surrealistic Pillow,'' ``After Bathing at Baxter's'' and ``Crown of Creation.
Iron Butterfly, which today boasts three original members, sold millions of copies of its 1968 acid-rock classic, ``In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida,'' featuring the much-parodied 17-minute title track.