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not easily decolorized by acid solutions

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Diagnosis relied on molecular identification of acid-fast organisms in tissues.
Massive numbers of acid-fast organisms were observed in these lesions.
In both cases, death was attributed to mycobacteriosis based on the presence of severe granulomatous inflammatory lesions in the liver, spleen, and lungs and the identification of acid-fast organisms.
Smears for detection of acid-fast organisms in joint fluid or sinus drainage were positive in 2 of 6 reported cases, cultures were positive in 5 of 6 synovial fluid specimens, and cultures from biopsy tissue detected tuberculous infection in 7 of 8 specimens.
1,3) In this case, the presence of acid-fast organisms on biopsy made mycobacteriosis suspect.
Likewise, there was no evidence of acid-fast organisms, fungal or helminth parts identified.
Three operative specimens were tested for acid-fast organisms.
Results of cultures and stains for bacterial, fungal, and acid-fast organisms were all negative.
The advantage of using biopsy specimens over blood cultures is that the biopsy may show acid-fast organisms or granulomas weeks before blood cultures are found to be positive.
More splenic lesions contained acid-fast organisms than did liver lesions, suggesting that splenic biopsy may have the greatest potential for diagnosis of mycobacterial infection antemortem.
Many years of work on acid-fast organisms did little to expand knowledge of tubercle bacilli, but the work opened avenues of research on the host's responses to infection.
Proposal of a new genus, Gordona, for slightly acid-fast organisms occurring in sputa of patients with pulmonary disease and in soil.