acid-base equilibrium

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(physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body

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Conventional GICs set through slow acid-base reaction whereas RMGICs initially set through resin polymerization from exposure to visible light, followed by additional hardening through an acid-base reaction.
After initial setting, with the addition of water, Dyract AP contains all ingredients needed to initiate an ionic acid-base reaction, as occurs with glass ionomers [30].
The conventional GIC sets by means of an acid-base reaction between an aqueous PAA solution and a fluoroaluminosilicate glass.
Thus, the extrinsic dentinal wetness may have optimized these acid-base reactions, allowing for better setting and bonding.
This was not unexpected, due to the presence of the hydrophilic polymer glyceryldimethacrylate (GDMA); however, the value was slightly lower than that of the flowable resin composite (SDR), which might be due to high filler content.3, 24 In addition, the acid-base reaction is initially limited in this type of material because of its anhydrous structure, but once water is absorbed, a delayed acid-base reaction is likely.25
Baking soda and grape juice react with each other in an acid-base reaction, producing a color change in the paper.
Obviously, the classic acid-base reaction is not included in the chemical removal pathway of the residues anymore.
Glass ionomer cement is a mixture of glass and organic acid that are chemically set through an acid-base reaction. After the ingredients are mixed, no light is needed to harden them, although they do need some time to set in the mouth.
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