acid-base equilibrium

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(physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body

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The experiment, which children can try themselves in the classroom, shows the science behind acid-base reactions which form the basis of nearly all biological processes in living things.
After some historical introduction and a brief overview of the beer-making process, several chapters orient the reader to basic concepts of chemistry, special properties of water molecules and acid-base reactions, and selected strands of organic chemistry relevant to beer.
Titrations range from very general chemical reactions such as acid-base reactions that are pH sensitive to highly specific chemistries that require ion specific electrodes.
Some complex acid-base reactions ultimately determine the rate of plastic discoloration, as do the type of organic additives in the formulation and the presence of organic compatibilizers or silica or alumina coated onto the Ti[O.
Intended for students with a weak background in mathematics, this textbook describes the properties of gases, the three parts of an atom, chemical nomenclature and formulas, bonds between atoms, atomic theory, acid-base reactions, and chemical equilibrium.
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