acid-base equilibrium

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(physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body

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Conventional GICs set through slow acid-base reaction whereas RMGICs initially set through resin polymerization from exposure to visible light, followed by additional hardening through an acid-base reaction.
The presence of hydrophilic constituents of HEMA or resin molecules that contain hydrophilic moieties and acid-base reaction as part of the photochemical polymerization process explains the high level of water sorption in N100, in addition to that the material may contain air bubbles due to the hand mixing of the two pastes, which may accelerate water sorption.
During CAL-001 students were able to focus their observations upon the phenomenon and thus understand it better because technology was used to monitor the acid-base reaction and record the data.
EARTH SCIENCE: Geologists can use an acid-base reaction to help identify specimens.
Vitremer is a resin- modified glass-ionomer cement, which has a dual set- ting reaction involving mainly the acid-base reaction of a conventional glass-ionomer and the free radical polymerization of a resin composite.
The experiment, which children can try themselves in the classroom, shows the science behind acid-base reactions which form the basis of nearly all biological processes in living things.
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