acid-base balance

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(physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body

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The body has elaborate mechanisms to maintain acid-base homeostasis, especially in the arterial blood where the pH is preserved within a narrow range of 7.
A variety of buffer systems contribute toward the maintenance of acid-base homeostasis, safeguarding against extreme acidosis and alkalosis conditions that could cause serious cellular dysfunction or even death.
The finding of a significant pH acidosis in this study and in our field study suggests substantial loss of acid-base homeostasis at these temperatures.
With regard to serum electrolytes, serum potassium, chloride, phosphorus, and magnesium levels were lower in patients than in controls, while no significant differences in the parameters of acid-base homeostasis were found between the two groups.
Unit III -- Basic Physiology consists of Chapters 6 through 8 which cover, respectively, Oxygenation and External Respiration, Oxygen Transport and Internal Respiration, and Acid-Base Homeostasis.
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