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Synonyms for stain

Synonyms for stain

to soil with foreign matter

to impart color to

a discolored mark made by smearing

a mark of discredit or disgrace

something that imparts color

Synonyms for stain

(microscopy) a dye or other coloring material that is used in microscopy to make structures visible

the state of being covered with unclean things

a symbol of disgrace or infamy

an act that brings discredit to the person who does it

color with a liquid dye or tint

produce or leave stains

make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air

color for microscopic study

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A Fite acid-fast stain was also negative for mycobacteria in the lung and liver granuloma samples, and the bacteria in the facial granuloma were not acid-fast.
Gram stain revealed no organisms; bacterial and mycobacterial cultures were negative and acid-fast stain was negative.
A number of other stains are part of the microbiologist's arsenal, such as the acid-fast stain to visualize the Mycobacterium.
In our case, the acid-fast stain for mycobacteria was negative.
In paraffin sections, the organism can be visualized by silver stains, tissue Gram stains, or Fite-Ferraco acid-fast stain.
The bug was considered a rare and exotic pathogen until the mid-1980s when a modified acid-fast stain was employed to look for Cryptosporidium in stool specimens, especially from people with impaired immune systems who suffered from HIV disease.
Eight patients had no sputum specimens submitted for acid-fast stain and culture.
A direct acid-fast stain showed many acid-fast bacilli.
They were stained with Kinyoun's carbol fuchsin modified acid-fast stain and examined by oil immersion microscopy.
parvum oocysts were processed with acid-fast stain (AFS) (8) to check for normal cellular morphologic features.