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Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt

being sour to the taste

Related Words

having the characteristics of an acid

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Acid house was a huge youth movement, creating a legacy that is still remembered more than 25 years later.
MUSIC TALK KASABIAN 'I like the fact it's a punk song rather than an acid house song.
At the time everyone was playing acid house and techno, so when Pacific came out it didn't have any of that vibe but for some reason it just resonated with DJs.
Dance legend Terry Farley takes you on a journey through the Acid House sound's roots with tracks including Mr Fingers' Can You Feel It, Frankie Knuckles' Baby Wants To Ride and Phuture's Slam and Acid Trax.
Several pieces are particularly colourful and imaginative, such as a large painting called Acid House by Thomas Moffett from Stoke Heath young offenders' institute.
The Gibb Street Warehouse at the Custard Factory - formerly Space 2 - has been slated as a new, bespoke clubbing space which harks back to the raw industrial feel of the early acid house parties.
This platter that mattered also incorporated a fair old serving of house and dub into the mix, thereby placing the group up there in the vanguard of acts who rode high through the ecstasy culture of the '90s, bridging the gap between classic long-haired, riff-heavy sound and pulse and throb of acid house as they went.
A lot like Zomby, Helter Skelter existed at the intersection of so many UK dance genres--there were massive marquees housing the best DJs from drum and bass, happy hardcore and acid house.
Shane Watcha began his career by playing acid house music in South Africa when he was just 20 and has travelled extensively, playing gigs in Europe and the US before becoming resident DJ at Filthy.
s underground dance scene, the Prodigy brings reinvented funk-punk and manic acid house rhythms.
Even Carter's renowned eclecticism won't stretch as far as playing Jolene or I Will Always Love You alongside his usual mix of dirty beats and acid house.
Acid Brass, 1997, involved a traditional Northern England brass band--the kind that continues to define mining communities even after the mines have closed--playing (and releasing an album of) classic acid-house anthems, thus achieving the convergence of what Deller considers the two defining social phenomena of '80s Britain: acid house and the miners' strike.
Following on from the success of Trainspotting, three more Irvine Welsh stories have been brought together for the movie Acid House (18).
Morris's mellow invention on the turntables began as a reaction to the aggressive evolution of dance music that occurred when the illegal rave party phenomenon exploded in late-'80s England and the psychedelic sounds of acid house gave way to hard-core techno.