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not easily decolorized by acid solutions

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As microscopy for acid fast bacilli was positive but Xpert MTB/RIF was negative, the possibility of NTM infection with lymphadenitis was considered and specimen cultures were extended for NTM.
Other stains that were simultaneously done by preparing the smear from the same sample and were subjected for Gram stain, Kinyoun's acid fast (Hot stain), Giemsa stain, PAS and Trichrome stain.
KEY WORDS: Haematoxylin and eosin; acid fast bacilli; Kinyoun; Ziehl Neelsen; Lymph node.
Fite stain revealed multiple fragmented acid fast bacilli in the biopsy specimen (Figure 4).
Mycobacterium fortuitum: um novo bacilo acido-resistente patogenico para o homen [Mycobacterium fortuitum: new acid fast bacillus pathogenic for man].
All subjects had at least 2 sputum smear examination which were negative for acid fast bacilli according to the RNTCP.
Intestinal impression smears of the later (06 animals) were found as positive for the incidence of acid fast bacilli and later on, their tissue sections were cautiously examined in the laboratory.
These milk samples were smeared for acid fast staining and also inoculated on Stone brink's media and incubated at 37degC for six to eight weeks.
Additional microbiological workup was ordered on wound specimens collected using sterile swabs and anaerobic culturettes for both aerobic and anaerobic cultures, along with acid fast stains and cultures.
However acid fast staining of section did not show presence of acid-fast bacilli.
Acid fast bacilli should be searched for in skin biopsies and culture, and a polymerase chain reaction should be done as well.
This revealed miliary tuberculosis with diffuse granulomatous disease, caseation necrosis, and acid fast organisms identified at multi-organ sites including the liver, lungs, kidneys and adrenal glands.
It is important to distinguish oocysts from artifacts that may be acid fast but do not have the all-important wrinkled internal morphology.