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dye in which the chromophore is part of a negative ion

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The Freundlich isotherm described the equilibrium adsorption data of acid dyes on CFA better than the Langmuir isotherm [19].
Both intrinsic and nucleic acid dye fluorescence were generated by using 740-nm incident light with a pulse width of 100 fsec.
2005) studied the adsorption of acid dyes (Acid Violet 17, Acid Red 44 and Acid Blue 45) in a cationic polyelectrolyte adsorbant saturated with silicone mesopores and in regular silicone supports.
The treatment and decolorouring of textile dye waste containing acid dyes by conventional chemical and biological methods is rather difficult.
The sample from the Factory A, named as sample A, contained a mixture of reactive and direct dyes, whereas the sample from the Factory B was mainly acid dye, named as sample B1, and a mixture of disperse and acid dyes, named as sample B2.
The ratings reflect SCL's long track record in the business of dyestuffs, well-diversified product portfolio comprising acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes and reactive dyes, presence in liquid dyes and other niche product categories which command a premium over powdered dyes.
Local demand, he added, is strongest for reactive dyes as well as acid dyes.
He has now tested waste orange peel as an absorbent for the removal of four acid dyes from simulated samples of polluted water.
MAAQ is also used as an intermediate for manufacturing solvent dyes and acid dyes.
In acidified solutions the carboxyl groups are neutral while the nitrogen-containing groups tend to be positively charged, and this class of fibre interacts strongly with acid dyes.
In addition, there are only limited vertical relationships between Huntsman, as a producer of morpholine and various types of ethyleneamines (AEEA, DETA, TETA and TEPA), and Ciba, which uses morpholine as an input for the production of acid dyes and ethyleneamines for the production of optical brighteners and equipment and processing agents.
Other TXA-sponsored activities for ACS Day have included stain-and-wash comparisons of stain-resistant and non-stain-resistant carpeting, responses of cotton (cellulose) and wool (protein) fibers to acid dyes (Kool-Aid), studies of detergency using cotton fabric soiled with four foods washed in two different detergents, and explanation of the method in which polyethylene terephthalate (PET) soda bottles are recycled into fibers for carpeting, clothing, and building materials.
Utility of green fluorescent nucleic acid dyes and aluminum oxide membrane filters for rapid epifluorescence enumeration of soil and sediment bacteria.
So, Sun and Young Hee Kim of UC Davis created footholds for the antibacterial coating by treating the nylon with acid dyes.
Newmark president James Keith noted that the combination of Dupont nylon and acid dyes produce blended colors and a soft hand for bath rugs.