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dye in which the chromophore is part of a negative ion

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Application and evaluation of acid dyes on silk fabric
Acid dyes, just as any of the synthetic dyes, have the capability of persuading sensitization in humans because of their complex molecular structure and the way in which they are metabolized in the body.
Acid dyes are very large class of dyes and comprises various categories.
Keywords: Acid dyes, Wool dyeing, Substituted aryl amines, Substituted naphthalene sulfonic acids, MALDI-TOF mass spectroscopy.
The "Global Acid Dyes Market 2019-2023" report has been added to's offering.
The following is a general description of how to use acid dyes. Your method may vary and the manufacturer's recommendations should be followed.
Amin, "Extractive-spectrophotometric methods for determination of anti-Parkinsonian drug in pharmaceutical formulations and in biological samples using sulphonphthalein acid dyes," Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, vol.
Use of activated carbons prepared from sawdust and rice-husk for adsorption of acid dyes: a case study of acid yellow 36.
Adsorption of acid dyes from aqueous solution on a chitosan-cotton composite material prepared by a new pad-dry process.
Caption: Figure 1: The structures of the acid dyes chromatables used.
Khan et al., "Synthesis and characterization of chromium (III), iron (II), copper (II) complexes of 4-amino-1-(p-sulphophenyl)-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone based acid dyes and their applications on leather," Dyes and Pigments, vol.
However, time-consuming operations, limited sample analysis through gel electrophoresis, and safety concerns over mutagenic properties of nucleic acid dyes are the major factors restraining the growth of the electrophoresis reagents market.
[23] has carried out the de-coloration of two acid dyes (acid black 1 and blue 193) and two reactive dyes (reactive red 23 and blue 171) from the aqueous solution using fly ash.
Equilibrium two-parameter isotherms of acid dyes sorption by activated carbon: study of residual errors.