acid rain

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rain containing acids that form in the atmosphere when industrial gas emissions (especially sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) combine with water

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Since then until the present, JK has participated in studies related to the corrosive effects of acid deposition on the limestone surfaces of Mesoamerican archaeological sites (e.
Over the past four decades, it became clear that the damaging effects of acid deposition on forests, agriculture, and soils needed to be documented.
Liu KH, Fang YT, Yu FM, Li FR, Liu Q, Peng SL (2010) Soil acidification in response to acid deposition in three subtropical forests of subtropical China.
Bentley, Rainwater composition and acid deposition in the vicinity of the fossil fuel-fired plants in southern Australia, Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 85 , pp.
During the 1990s, acid deposition in the Northeast finally began to decline as a result of the 1990 law, and the EPA, along with a number of leading environmental organizations, began promoting emissions trading as the regulatory wave of the future.
It is believed that as a result of acid deposition on the surface of the automotive coating, these etches are formed.
27) The first report, due in 1993, required the EPA to report "on the feasibility and effectiveness of an acid deposition standard .
Emissions of air pollutants also contribute to a suite of atmospheric issues, including stratospheric ozone depletion, acid deposition, ground-level ozone, particulate matter, and hazardous airborne pollutants.
x]] from coal-fired power plants in the midwest, a major contributor to acid deposition.
The draft, to be adopted Thursday, says the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) aims to create a common understanding on acid rain, provide information on acid rain to national- and regional-level policy-makers, and promote cooperation among countries on the issue.
Acid deposition also arises from nitrogen oxides released from traffic emissions.
2] must be reduced to 10 million tons per year to decrease acid deposition.
Other possible reasons for the spider's decline include the insecticide lindane, which was sprayed in an attempt to combat the mites, and forest damage resulting from acid deposition.
Sulfate, a constituent of acid deposition, moves through the system quickly and reductions associated with Clean Air Act regulations have been observed.
110) The EPA has used computer models to indicate how sensitive areas have responded to emissions reductions in the Clean Air Act, and has provided estimates of acid deposition reductions that would be necessary to achieve a range of environmental goals.