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a large tendon that runs from the heel to the calf

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This test has been shown to be a reliable and valid measure of calf endurance in individuals with healthy as well as injured Achilles tendons.
Australian football players' Achilles tendons respond to game loads within 2 days: an ultrasound tissue characterisation (UTC) study.
In humans, experienced long-distance runners (>5 yrs) were found to have greater Achilles tendon CSA (22%) than non-runners (19,9).
INTRODUCTION: The Achilles tendon is the strongest and thickest tendon in the body, formed by the extension of gastrocnemius, and soleus muscles and inserts into the calcaneum.
2006) Sonographic measurement of Achilles tendons in asymptomatic subjects variation with age, body height, and dominance of ankle.
Achilles tendon rupture (ATR) is seen with increasing frequency, often in middle aged individuals [1].
Our studies show that the building blocks that made up your Achilles tendons when you were seventeen years old are virtually the same when you're fifty," Heinemeier added.
Achilles tendon rupture is usually associated with an acute traumatic injury due to impact or direct sharp object contact resulting in tendon avulsion (Reinke et al.
The Achilles tendon (tendo-calcaneus communis) is the strongest tendon in the structure of the musculoskeltal system in the dog [5].
In ancient Homo sapiens, as in people today, a short lower heel stretched the Achilles tendon taut, say anthropologist David Raichlen of the University of Arizona in Tucson and his colleagues.
very close in time) bilateral ruptures of her Achilles tendons with no obvious predisposing factors.
Then, in the evening men's qualifying session, Dimitri Kasparovich of defending world-champion Belarus and Evgeni Krylov, one of Russia's top all-around competitors, both severely injured their left Achilles tendons during the floor exercise.
A new method for treating ruptured Achilles tendons, a common foot injury experienced by "weekend athletes," gets the patient back on the road to recovery in a short time.
819) showed that the Achilles tendons of rabbits treated with ArthroCare's (Nasdaq:ARTC) TOPAZ(TM) microdebridement procedure using Coblation(R) technology resumed a normal appearance 90 days after treatment.