Achilles heel

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We know we're capable of that but what we have got in our locker is complacency - that's our Achilles heel.
The post Public sector remains Cyprus's Achilles heel, Mavrides says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
While the opening match may traditionally be an Achilles heel, it is a shoulder that is concerning Wales at the moment - that of Lions centre Jonathan Davies.
I listened to Brendan Rodgers talking about Liverpool's Achilles heel just now.
Their findings could provide more Achilles heels - targets for drugs that overcome antibiotic resistance.
Watch The Runner, whose achilles heel is a tendency to start slowly, sees out his races better than Farloe Pocket and Carly Philpott's dog has to be fancied to come out on top in the match-up.
Supplier enablement continues to be the Achilles heel of e-procurement," said Tim Minahan, Vice President of Supply Chain Research at Aberdeen Group, Inc.
Indeed, the industry's Achilles heel has been getting the right data in a timely manner for effective decision making.
There's the chronic gambler whose only luck is bad, indentured to the sociopathic casino boss whose own sentimental attachment to the ``glorious'' days of the precorporate, mega resort Sin City is the tough guy's Achilles heel.
Fred Moore, our storage editor-at-large, has clearly warned that electric power is the Achilles heel of the computer industry.
Keane is likely to take over from Juan Sebastian Veron, who will be rested because of his troublesome Achilles heel injury.
Toes can be a runner's Achilles heel, in the literary sense, his weak link.
has found a way to transform the Achilles heel of these so-called multimode fibers into a source of new strength.
In at least one respect, the authors of America's Achilles Heel may have underestimated the difficulties of preparing for an NBC attack.
While banks have taken giant strides returning to the business of lending money, the Achilles Heel in the banking industry may be higher interest rates.