Achilles heel

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While the opening match may traditionally be an Achilles heel, it is a shoulder that is concerning Wales at the moment - that of Lions centre Jonathan Davies.
I listened to Brendan Rodgers talking about Liverpool's Achilles heel just now.
Patients' preferences are the Achilles heel of treatment difficulty measures to assess provider performance and of resource intensity measures to determine payments for care.
If you are our lucky winner you will receive pounds 100 worth of running gear from Glasgow's top running shoe specialists Achilles Heel.
The 29-year-old Coventry born central defender suffered strained ankle ligaments in the pre-season friendly at Burton Albion and while that problem is much improved, Rea's Achilles heel is now a worry.
It's also time to worry if you hear a walking-in-the-snow sound in your Achilles heel cord.
Holding leads in the fourth quarter has been the Clippers' Achilles heel.
Even though their biggest hits - such as Dancing in the Moonlight, Just Hold On and Achilles Heel - are catchy enough for a good old singalong, they are still no more inspiring than your average Gareth Gates single.
Thereafter, the lads rarely ignited their audience up until Achilles Heel finished an encore which also featured a, quite frankly, shambolic cover-version of The Supremes You Keep Me Hanging On.
The Achilles heel provided by p53-arginine may come into play only when the p53 protein is confronted with these strains of HPV, Storey says.
The downtown market remain's Manhattan's Achilles heel.
Now that controversy over the so-called "window of vulnerability" of American ICBMs has abated, defense experts are focusing increasingly on command structure as the real Achilles heel of strategic forces.
The insulation plate is the Achilles heel of this type of fixture because it is only two inches thick, and a crack in this plate can allow the passage of heat and smoke into the wall area, causing a potential fire hazard.
Bill tore his Achilles Heel in a football injury in the summer and thought up the recipe while laid up in plaster.
Cavan have it all to do but, like Meath, Fermanagh's defence could yet be their achilles heel.