Achilles heel

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"But we shouldn't have been in that position and I think it's our Achilles heel.
Our achilles heel is not taking the chances and we've been punished.
Lead author Dr Andreas PlEaA-ckthun said the discovery of the Achilles heel of HER2-positive cancer cells could lead to new opportunities for treating invasive tumour types like breast cancer more effectively in the future.
What is their Achilles heel? Transferring potential into Six Nations results.
Noel Gallagher has revealed teaming up with his brother Liam in Oasis was the band's "Achilles heel".
ANORTH East water worker has proved a foot injury is not his Achilles heel after ghting back A Achilles heel after ghting back A to represent Great Britain at an international event.
WALES must overcome their traditional Achilles heel when they open their autumn international campaign against Australia next week.
@THENUKEGUY (Re Overhead lines axed in Wrexham power plans) herein lies the Achilles heel in the Energy Island concept.
Ignoring the obvious puns in the title of your News piece "Plant turns electricity into hydrogen," it would have been nice to know how efficient said process was, as historically this has been the Achilles heel of energy storage systems (PE January).
Rival managers know what our Achilles heel is - defending set-pieces.
Despite Jenson Button's victory in Australia on Sunday, and McLaren collecting 54 points from the opening two grands prix to sit second in the constructors' championship behind Ferrari, their Achilles heel has so far been their onelap pace.
Smithfield CEO, Larry Pope, at an investor conference in Boston today, pointed out that the company's pork production division, which has been a sort of "Achilles heel" for the last 7-8 quarters, will improve its performance as the company's restructuring is nearly complete and profitability is coming.