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a large tendon that runs from the heel to the calf

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The results showed a slight retrocalcaneal bursitis (inflammed bursa) between the Achilles' tendon and the calcaneus (heel bone).
The diagnosis of an Achilles' tendon rupture was confirmed by the MRI scan this evening and he will undergo surgery to re-attach the tendon on Saturday morning," said Team Manager Dr.
A portion of the Achilles' tendon may need to be resected and is re-attached upon completion of the bone procedure.
However, using a MSC formulation delivered in a surgical suture implant during earlier Achilles' tendon studies, Osiris and Cincinnati scientists demonstrated a 60- 70% restoration of normal function in regenerated tendon in as little as 4 weeks.
Do not invade the name: Make it Achilles' for the possessive - Achilles' heel, Achilles' tendon.
AMEX: II) reported that research published in a recent issue of The Journal of Hand Surgery entitled "Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Increases Tensile Strength in Rat Achilles' Tendon Repair Model" has shown that Ivivi's recently developed noninvasive pulsed radio frequency electromagnetic fields (PEMF) can produce up to a 69% increase in rat Achilles' tendon breaking strength versus control tendons at 21 days after repair.
captain, is sidelined with a minor hamstring strain suffered in Tuesday's loss to Morocco; O'Brien missed Friday's victory over Venezuela with an injury to his Achilles' tendon, which has given him trouble in the past.
Rasch initially thought he was going to be out the rest of the season with what was believed to be a torn Achilles' tendon.
The Lakers could do anything in signing Turiaf from reaching an injury settlement with guard Laron Profit, out for the season after rupturing an Achilles' tendon, to waiving rookie Devin Green.