Achilles tendon

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a large tendon that runs from the heel to the calf

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Davood Sharifi, Elias Vahedeh Dehkourdi, Gholamreza Abedi, Ahmad Asghari, Alireza Jahandideh; Effect of Low Level Laser on Hydroxyproline Content in experimentally Induced Injury in Achilles' Tendon in Dog
MRI scans revealed that the Achilles' tendon was the same length in both groups of women.
This came back to haunt him on the kickflip attempts when he sliced open his ankle, Achilles' tendon and, on one particularly harsh credit-card sack, his perineum.
Aled jones's panto debut has ended in agony after he snapped an Achilles' tendon. The 35-year-old has been forced to quit his leading role as Jack in Richmond Theatre's production of Jack and the Beanstalk.
It is usually caused by shoe irritation, the pull of the Achilles' tendon, a high arch, or foot biomechanics while running.