Achilles' heel

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a seemingly small but actual mortal weakness

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'Najib is unaware that the 1MDB is his Achilles' heel but his greatest failure in life is to believe in the fairy tales of his highly-funded advisers that it is possible to bamboozle the country about the 1MDB scandal,' Lim said.
Our new study has identified a potential Achilles' heel in some forms of oesophageal cancer, which we believe could be exploited by new treatments.
"If they had an Achilles' heel, it looks as though they've fixed that given the fantastic scoring record that Jordan Rhodes has.
He said: "When I was saying before about you gain some kind of strength from being in a band with family when everyone around you is a complete stranger, like I also said as time goes on that becomes your Achilles' heel because you know how to push each other's buttons.
It has long been our Achilles' heel that whilst we earn considerable wealth as a country, we give too much of it away in benefits to people rightly within our country and now increasingly anybody else from abroad who wants to get a free ride.
Corruption and organised crime, however, remain the Achilles' heel of Bulgaria's economy," he said.
Air Commodore Tariq Mahmud Ashraf's article "Airpower Imbalance: Nuclear Pakistan's Achilles' Heel" (Fall 2008) is intriguing.
The pounds 400 million is all going to be spent on gloss and glitter, and nothing is to be done about the station's Achilles' heel: lack of track capacity .
Mowbray admitted that Albion paid the price at Deepdale due to their own Achilles' heel.
Luggage capacity is an average 250 litres - 787 maximum - and if there is an Achilles' heel it is with the height of the tailgate lip which is well up the body compared to some other hatches of this ilk.
"I worry and wonder if we have built an Achilles' heel into the system."
Their Achilles' heel is that eventually some real scientist somewhere will figure out how the flagellum got the propellers--some have already proposed explanations--and the ID backers will once again be left with egg on their face.
In practice, though, working capital management has become the Achilles' heel of scores of finance organizations, with many CFOs struggling to identify core working capital drivers and the appropriate level of working capital.
The Scot was leading 5-3 against Matthew Stevens but for a second tournament running his Achilles' heel proved to be the simplest of shots and he ended up losing his last-eight clash 6-5.
Management Override of Internal Controls: The Achilles' Heel of Fraud Prevention--The Audit Committee and Oversight of Financial Reporting is available free of charge and may be found on the Audit Committee Effectiveness Center page of the AICPA Web site at