Achille Ratti

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pope who signed a treaty with Mussolini recognizing the Vatican City as an independent state (1857-1939)

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He owed his release to the vigorous intervention of Archbishop Achille Ratti, Apostolic Nuncio in Warsaw and later Pope Pius XI.
Pope Pius XI was born Achille Ratti, May 31, 1857, in Desio near Milan.
resigned his post in 1911 as prefect of the Vatican Library, Pius X appointed Achille Ratti as vice-prefect; and, in 1914, as prefect.
Sarto, as Pius X, appointed the future pope Pius XI, Achille Ratti, papal librarian.
Achille Ratti (later Pius XI), had the papal flag run up the pole at the nunciature, ordered his open carriage, and was driven throughout the city to show everyone that he was still there.