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United States statesman who promoted the Marshall Plan and helped establish NATO (1893-1971)

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Acheson fancied himself a pragmatist who, like his director of policy planning, George Kennan, viewed Mao's victory as the result of "tremendous, deep-flowing indigenous forces which are beyond our power to control.
Politics have influenced the plan's investment process," wrote Acheson about the downgrade of New York's 529 direct-sold plan, managed by Vanguard.
ASG brings a fiduciary-based approach into each relationship and believe in taking client feedback to heart," said Acheson.
Kearns remains hopeful that Dubai-based Acheson may return for the 2017 Championship campaign.
This need for new, creative applications of American power is not altogether different from the problems that faced an Acheson, Kissinger, Shultz and others.
Acheson cites examples of horticultural and tactical manuals that blend the two orientations, and in the poetry of Andrew Marvell locates a corollary not only to this mixture of orientations but also to the visual convergence of military and horticultural genres, specifically the perplexing image of the militarized garden in Upon Appleton House.
Acheson begins chapter two, "TRUTH: The 'Way of Dichotomy': Dichotomous Tables and John Milton s Paradise Lost" with an overview of dichotomous tables published as appendices to the Bible in early modern England, arguing that they serve both to represent its matter, in the form of genealogies, tables of contents, and reading guides, and to model a way of thinking through relational and hierarchized categories.
Acheson demonstrates that these books shared a number of features with manuals for garden design produced during the same period, with each relying upon a set of culturally derived 'coding orientations' for communicating meaning to the early modern reader.
With over 18 years of pharmaceutical and biotech sales and commercial experience, Acheson will lead the sales and managed markets support behind the company's anticipated launch of BUNAVAIL in 2014 as well as both current and future commercial partnerships.
Following national recognition of her artistic work in Saudi Arabia, and since returning to the UK, Acheson has exhibited her work internationally including in Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, the US and Spain as well as in London, most recently at Bermondsey's Vibe Gallery in October 2013.
Additionally, the company has brought on celebrity chef Hugh Acheson as a consultant to help guide the changes.
THE GEORGIA BLUEBERRY COMMISSION has named celebrity chef Hugh Acheson as its new ambassador for 20 3's promotional and educational program.
The aforementioned Hugh, as in Chef Hugh Acheson of Top Chef and unibrow fame, is the Chef/Partner behind Five & Ten.
David McCullough provides a skillful and fond opening essay, but special kudos are due for the excellent introductions to all the exchanges of shorter notes and sometimes lengthy letters between Truman and Acheson written after Truman's time as president had ended.
But Dr Peter Acheson, from the HPA, said it was working with environmental health officers from Hartlepool Council to find the potential source of the infection.