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(Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which the souls of the dead were carried by Charon

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Two of the most gruesome depictions in the poem describe the deaths of Stefano Porcari's accomplices: Angelo di Maso, Porcari's brother-in-law, falls off Charon's boat into the Acheron and is devoured by green snakes; his son Clemente, witness to that death, tears his eyes from their sockets with his fingernails and, once disembarked, falls down a cliff into the mouth of Cerberus, who devours him (I, 163-85; 205-16).
Acheron Diving Llc, Acheron Diving Llc, 421 E Maple St.
Much respect to our foster parents Bill and Carmen at the Acheron and Anchored Inn.
The cover of the book features a painting by the Austro-Hungarian painter Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl, entitled "Souls on the Banks of the Acheron.
The following day, together with HMS Acheron, she helped to sink a u-boat, and on September 12 HMS Kelly brought the Duke of Windsor (the former King edward vIII) back to england from Le Havre.
From the ancient city of Nikopolis, built in 31BC, to Nekromanteion, on a hill above what in ancient times was the mouth of the River Acheron, the mythical River Styx, gateway to the underworld.
The Cancer Care Ward Still on this side of the Acheron, and so still I do not hold out much hope, but I shall inside the resistance.
The Surprise's target was die fester, better, more heavily armed Acheron warship.
We have delivered upgrades at Bonnie Doon, Acheron, Buxton, Glenburn, Dixons Creek, Kangaroo Ground, Silvan and Panton Hill," Ms McLeish said.
But the most important link to the Hades is that it resembles the magical rivers that flow through the Greek underworld and cause magical effects upon those that attempt to cross it or who drink of it, such as the Styx (which strips gods from their immortality), the Lethe (causing oblivion), and the Acheron (which brings about sorrow).
This is the sort of thing I said as I stood over the ditch-- Because I remembered quite well what Circe had advised me to do, That witch who knows every medicament the wide world has to offer-- But then a huge wave swelled up from the lion-taming Acheron, 40 Cocytus and Lethe and the great Polyphlegethon, And a host of dead came round to stand with me over the ditch.
Works by Royal Ballet artist in residence Liam Scarlett, whose Acheron was hailed last winter, and NYCB soloist and resident choreographer Justin Peck (see cover story) grace the September 23 opening-night gala.
As lower Hell is represented as a lake of fire, or as a deep pit underground, and as Christian Hell inherited the rivers and swamps of classical Hades, Acheron, Styx, Cocytus, etc.
In a clever nod to the Hell Creek Formation where the fossil was discovered, the generic name is derived from Acheron, the River of Pain in the Underworld of ancient Greek mythology, combined with the Latin raptor, meaning robber.
The former's youthful tone poem The Rock was given a splendid performance from its bass-led opening - black as the pit of Acheron - to the contrasting skittish woodwind section with some delightful playing from Marie-Christine Zupancic (flute).