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small dry indehiscent fruit with the seed distinct from the fruit wall

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Achenes tuberculate, or pitted, rarely also pubescent.
At the end of the experimental period, all capitula were bagged, preventing access by insects and, at the end of the reproductive season, fruits were collected and number of achenes per capitulum was recorded as a measure of reproductive success.
Other features, such as the longer scales, achenes, and anthers, and the apiculate achenes represent differences perhaps worth of taxonomic recognition.
The plant reportedly starts flowering in September (Skottsberg, 1953) and mature perigynia with ripe achenes have been collected from December through February.
Vavilov and Bukinich described kafirstanica as truly wild, with tiny achenes that were dark-colored and marbled, with an elaiosome.
The ovary is superior type and consists of 2 united carpels and produces 4 separate nutlets and produced dry seed achenes (dry seeds).
The samples were full of human excrement, which consisted of seeds and achenes, as well as fish bones and scales.
The achenes were extracted from fully ripe pseudo-fruits using a blender to extract the seeds (Osterizer Mod.
Highest head diameter, number of achenes per head, 1000-achene weight, achene yield, achene and stover nitrogen content, achene and stover phosphorus content and BCR was obtained with 100% P + dual inoculation.
Elkhom Slough National Small, ellipsoid, Estuarine Research hairless achenes Reserve 2001, without ribs or Shultz 2014) angles.