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small dry indehiscent fruit with the seed distinct from the fruit wall

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Morphology, anatomy and germination response of heteromorphic achenes of Anthemis chrysantha J.
The treatments with the matric potentials of -10 and -60 kPa were established from the 52th DAS--within the interval from the final phase of the stage R3 to R4 (beginning of flowering, characterized by showing the first visible ligulate flowers, with yellow color) and maintained until the R8 stage, corresponding to the second phase of achene development, visually exhibiting the back of the capitulum in a dark yellow color and the bracts still green (Castiglioni et al., 1997).
A total of 75 randomly selected achenes were soaked in water overnight.
Achenes are medium-sized (3.8-4.0 mm long), oblong in outline, pale green with a fine reticulated pattern overlaid by irregular dark marbling, and a weakly protuberant base.
Fruit dry nut (achene) often with hairs on top (pappus) with inner wall.
In Ruotsinsalmi the most common field crops are the achenes and remnants of the pericarp of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum), followed by glumes of common millet (Panicum miliaceum) (Fig.
Diameter of 10 randomly picked heads were measured in cm with the help of a measuring tape and then averaged and then and then from the same 10 heads, number of achenes were counted and averaged per head after manual threshimg.
2012) single-seeded achenes. Abronia umbellate May Aug Winged fruit 6-13 mm (Drennan 2008, Baldwin long.
Wind dispersed pappi carry the achenes as far as 4 m from the parent plant (Keddy and Keddy, 1984; Loveless and Hamrick, 1984).
Time-course changes in the inorganic and organic componenets of germinating sunflower achenes under salt (NaCl) stress.
"You can taste the fresh strawberries, and you can feel the achenes [the seeds on a strawberry] in your mouth," rhapsodizes Shaye.
The achenes (fruits/seeds) are 6-8mm long, 3mm wide and 1.5mm thick.