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red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seeds

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Grieco JP, Achee NL, Briceno I, King R, Andre R, Roberts D, Rejmankova E.
Un medecin revele la difficulte de la pratique en milieu hospitalier dirige par les religieuses et l'un d'eux evoque l'existence d' une pratique c achee.
Martin, Ward, Achee, and Wyer (1993; see also Schwarz, 1990; Startup & Davey, 2001, 2003) have conducted several studies where participants are allocated to a positive or negative mood condition and are asked to work on different tasks.
Most recently, the staff took in a lioness called Achee who, bizarrely, used to live in a cage outside the Cypriot embassy in Bucharest, Romania.
THIS is the moment lioness Achee finally tasted freedom.
2 -- 3 -- ran in AV edition only) Barbara and Pat Achee, above, in night clothes rather than evening clothes, cap a New Year's celebration with breakfast.
We've seen a tremendous response to our products and our brand at our Lincoln Park location," said Vickie Achee, head of marketing with Patagonia Retail.
Grieco JE, Achee NL, Sardelis MR, Chauhan KR, Roberts DR.
Contract awarded for Legal Support For Training Of Achee
Groomsmen were Chris Patrick Achee, Sean Philip Douglas, John Ray Fayard Ill, John Bradley Harrison, Marcus Ryan Huling, Christopher Leo Romano, and James Patton Webb.
It means Lutu, abandoned in a cage when a circus went bust, and Achee could soon be flown to the Shamwari reserve on the Eastern Cape of South Africa.
The other 11 contestants, between the ages of 6 and 8 were Sarah Lowe of Agua Dulce; Catlin Hartman of Antelope Acres; Tiana De Pauk of California City; Amanda Gulyas of Eastside; Chelsea Spain of Lake Los Angeles; Courtney Achee of Lancaster; Bethany Laba of Littlerock; Brittany Albertson of Palmdale; Katie Crago of Pearblossom; Lacy Perry of Quartz Hill; and Ashley Young of Rosamond.
Our Voice Your Choice program has two purposes: helping local organizations continue the important work of restoring and protecting the local environment, and raising public awareness about the various environmental projects taking place in the community," said Vickie Achee, Head of Marketing for Patagonia's North America Retail Division.
This includes managing and disseminating relevant information to AChEE experts via specialised events, training courses and business trips, for example on energy efficient technologies or the measurement and verification of emission reductions.
One of the coauthors, Dr Achee, identified the anophelines, and a taxonomist of the WRAIR Biosystematics Unit performed the remaining identifications.