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a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks


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Yet it's not the Trojans' coming miseries that so concern me-- not what Hekabe will endure, or our sovereign Priam, or my brothers, so many, so valiant, who all may end up trodden into the dust by their hate-filled enemies--no, it's your grief I think of, when some bronze-corsleted Achaian will lead you away, weeping, your day of freedom gone.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] With this [the aegis], rushing about, she darted through the Achaian host rousing them to go; and she stirred up strength in each man's heart to wage war without ceasing and to fight on.
189, in which various Achaian warriors put their own mark on some token, Eustathius once again (2.
Homer is here conveying the idea of general Achaian support for Achilleus' stance," articulated by Thersites and supported by ordinary soldiers, says Norman Postlethwaite(27) If so, the fickle mob experiences fluctuating sympathies, more various and complex attitudes than simple derision.
He fell, thunderously, to the horror of all the Achaian people.
For this, Zeus supplicates all of the immortals and himself wages war on the Achaian men, bringing honor to Hektor.
So Achilleus refuses to enter combat in retaliation for Agamemnon's bullying behaviour and spends his time moaning and sulking over his wounded pride, by the Achaian ships.
He was a most observant reader, tabulating the different ways the words Danaan, Achaian and Argive were used in different passages, adding a fourth word, Hellas, and going through the catalogues of ships in the Iliad and the genealogies to find other racial terms and counting the number of times the four main words were used.
Achilles, the son of Peleus and the Nereid Thetis, prince of the Myrmidons, and mightiest of the Achaian warriors at the siege of Troy.
Messenia's entanglements with larger political structures are well illustrated by the Achaian League's incorporation of Pylos in the later third century, ca.
It is worth remembering that Agamemnon obeyed a kind of divine order in book I as well, after the god Apollo sent a plague to the Achaian army.
did he wish the Achaian people to be destroyed before Ilion,
The Art School" also includes several contenders for "most inadvertently ridiculous picture": a Gaspare Landi of Hector, Andromache, and their son Astyanax that involves lots of brow-smiting, with everyone turned to display their classically correct profiles, or an obscure Danish academician's Philoctetes--the Achaian whose outcries from an incurable wound, a punishment for hubris, caused his shipmates on the way to the Trojan War to abandon him on an uninhabited island--a demonstration of how to tie a living model into a knot.
Let us recall moreover that in Book IX, when the other Achaian leaders come on a mission to convince Achilles to return to battle, they find him playing the cithar and singing of heroic exploits, klea andron, the exploits of men.