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a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks


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189, in which various Achaian warriors put their own mark on some token, Eustathius once again (2.
Homer is here conveying the idea of general Achaian support for Achilleus' stance," articulated by Thersites and supported by ordinary soldiers, says Norman Postlethwaite(27) If so, the fickle mob experiences fluctuating sympathies, more various and complex attitudes than simple derision.
The book with very little exaggeration might be called "in praise of the Achaian nation.
When Achilles questions the whole system of the heroic code, during his meeting with the embassy sent from the Achaians in book IX, we are reminded through the softening of his attitude during the visit that Achilles has a kind, affective character.
place despite his anger against the Achaians, for these guests remain
The author begins his analysis with the duel between Menelaos and Paris, which is meant to bring peace and friendship to the Achaians and the Trojans.
Then all the other sons of the Achaians were silent.
Thus both Achilles and Aeneas fight with armour forged by Hephaestus-Vulcan, and Achilles is further noted not only for being "far best of all" the Achaians at Troy, but for wielding the huge Pelian ash spear which only he can wield (see Iliad II.
Regardless of what happens, the Achaians, like the latter, remain convinced of their invincibility.
The French sympathized with the Trojans as noble victims, tragically defeated by the devious Achaians.
On a symbolic level, the Trojans had sought, as early as then, to steal the fire of civilization from the Achaians, representing Western Europe.
ke devastation which thousands Achaians pains put (H H) (H H) H) (H LL)(H EL) (H H) pol.
Christopher Logue opens his account of The Iliad with a cinematic panorama of the Achaians sleeping on the beach, saying nothing of wrath:
If in truth you are the sons of wise Antimachus, that man who once among the Trojans assembled advised them that Menelaos, who came as envoy with godlike Odysseus, should be murdered on the spot nor let go back to the Achaians, so now your mutilation shall punish the shame of your father.
And their flanks heave with terror; even so the Achaians Scattered in panic before Hector and Zeus, the great father.