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a region of ancient Greece on the north coast of the Peloponnese

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Srivastava Achaia (2010): Socio-Economic Status of women and Gender Disparity.
Paul expounds the principles of partnership as he exhorts the church in Achaia to match the generosity of the churches further north (2 Cor.
The most surprising result is the conclusion that Paul sends money to Jerusalem twice, the first time from Galatia before he goes to Corinth, the second money from Macedonia and Achaia sent from Corinth before writing Romans.
One man was found dead under a collapsed wall in the village of Kato Achaia while an 80-year-old woman in a neighbouring village died in hospital after being injured.
Filippo, Count of Piedmont (1278-1294-1334), acquired through marriage the eastern Mediterranean principalities of Achaia and the Morea, and his line, subsequently known as that of Saw)y-Achaia, was responsible for the major work at the Turin castello.
Assyrtiko is grown in many regions, including the Peloponnese appellation of Achaia, as well as Attika, Macedonia and the island of Santorini, where we tasted extraordinary examples from the Sigalas Winery.
SAILING IN GREECE: Seafarer Cruises (0871 423 5547) offers seven nights' half-board in bungalows at Ionian Beach Club on historic Achaia coast in Peloponnese from pounds 499 per adult, pounds 399 for first child, pounds 299 for second.
FOUR miles out of town, the Achaia Clauss Winery is housed in a comedy castle straight out of a Disney medieval romp.
Four individuals, Cathi Davis, Heather Gardiner, Saleh Achaia and Atif Choudhury, decided to set up Zaytoun in 2004.
The Greek poet Lasus (born in Achaia 538 BC) wrote an ode to the centaurs and a hymn to Ceres without recourse to the letter s.
9: "Nam posteaquam vastata a barbaris infidelibus Constantini civitate caesoque eius imperatore, optimo viro, despotis frater Romam cum gentis eius reliquis confugisset, vix credibile est, quam multi nostrorum pene greci effecti sint, quasi in Attica vel in Achaia consueti, facultatemque compererint Graeca volumina pertractandi.
Red Lobster customer Achaia Dixon was hesitant about stepping into the restaurant Tuesday after reading a sign that said police officers would be serving him.
Collins has made us look again at how the members of the young churches, for example those founded by Paul in Achaia and Asia Minor, understood the "diakon" word family.
But one might ask why, if Paul's evangelization prior to the conference ranged as far as Macedonia and Achaia, he speaks so restrictively in Gal 1:21 of activity in "Syria and Cilicia" only?
Aass Bryggeri, Abel Pereira, ABN Amro, bro, Acacio, Achaia Clauss, Achel, Actris, Adis, ADM Ltd, Adnams, Agrivins, Ahold, kesson & Soner, Alain Thienot, Albet e Noya, Alfa, Alian[?