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a region of ancient Greece on the north coast of the Peloponnese

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Achaia under Roman rule is no pastoral idyll but an outpost of empire, to be stripped of its wealth and forcibly subjugated to Rome's political ambitions.
Department of Medical Sciences, Western Greece Highest Institute of Education and Technology, Patras, Achaia, Greece
This microscopically detailed, complex analysis of ancient Greek political, economic, and religious collaborations in the regions of Boiotia, Achaia, and Aitolia from the rise of the poleis (city-states) to the imposition of Roman bureaucratic and military power is new precisely because of its focus on areas of Greece that are too often treated as second-rate, distant neighbors of Athens and Sparta.
A third-century BCE law from Dyme in Achaia forbade women at the festival of Demeter from wearing expensive clothing and playing the aulos (Sokolowski 1962, 33).
He was martyred at Achaia in southern Greece on Nov.
Watermelons are mostly shipped from the regions of Ilia and Achaia where prices at origin have "plunged" to 7-12 cents.
Of course there are other local unions in other areas of the country, such as in the Prefecture of Magnesia, Achaia, Lamia etc, covering janitors who work in public schools in primary and secondary education.
Paul had encouraged the Church at Corinth and the Christians of the region of Achaia, of which Corinth was the capital (2 Cor.
ars 300: Locus est in Achaia Anticyra, ubi elleborum nascitur, quo sumpto dementes sanantur.
The move to transfer production lines from abroad will turn the firm's historic plant in Kato Achaia in southern Greece into a spare parts maker for Europe and a refurbishment facility for beverage coolers, an official at the company said.
The first category includes highly concentrated urbanized prefectures, as Attica, Thessaloniki, Achaia and Iraklio.
Participants discussed the issue of arms trafficking in the context of the Arab uprisings, which the Arab League's Fadi Achaia labeled "one of the most serious problems the region is currently facing.
As a result when he went to Achaia he greatly helped those who had believed through grace (Acts 18:26).
He is then sent on to Achaia with the blessing of the congregation there in Ephesus, with no mention of his being rebaptized with a Christian baptism.