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a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks


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the ancient Greek inhabitants of Achaea

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In 196 BCE, the Romans joined the Achaean League in their fight against the Macedonian king, Philip.
There is only a single case in the Iliad (14) in which a woman is mentioned, not an Achaean but a Trojan one, Theano, who holds a public function: she is Athena's priestess in Troy.
The aigialos, or beach, where the Achaeans moored their ships is now called Aijala.
Indeed it may be said that Achilles has a special association with fire in early epic, one that helps distinguish him from the other Achaean warriors at Troy.
Born in Sparta about 265, the son of Leonidas II; became king on his father's death (235); became involved in war with the Achaean League under Aratus of Sicyon (229); defeated Aratus at Lycaeum, but suffered the loss of Mantinea soon after (227); defeated Aratus again at Laodicea (November?
Further to the east, Mulga Rocks style sandstone hosted targets within younger sediments overlying Achaean rocks also exist.
In this world premiere, Savvas takes advantage of the full spectrum of a piano keyboard, makes extensive use of percussion instruments and exploits the unlimited abilities of the human voice in an attempt to illustrate how the landing of the Achaeans at this beautiful peninsula has inspired him.
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was a true one") reads the omen as forecasting the failure of the attack that the Trojans are currently mounting on the Achaean fortifications, (16) Hector will not be guided by his cautionary words.
Vico does not appear to have had at his disposal a concept for internationalism, but at one point in the New Science he notes a similarity between aristocracies and international federations, with reference to the Achaean League from antiquity:
Another company, Achaean Financial, customized its IncomePlus+ immediate variable annuity for insurers to offer to certain GMIB owners.
Stage I RC drilling programme completed during 2010 demonstrated significant intersections of magnetite gneiss / banded iron formation (BIF) within the Achaean Mulgathing Complex, northwest Gawler Craton.
Hereditary right and constitutional confirmation mean little for fluid ranking among competitive Achaean warlords.
Underlying Homer's Iliad there perhaps once existed, for example, versions of the tale in which Helen went to Troy willingly; in which certain heroes like Ajax, Memnon, and Antilochus played more prominent roles; in which the Achaean embassy to Achilles was composed of different characters; in which Patroclus was actually mistaken for Achilles by the Trojans; and in which the extended narrative of the death, mourning, and funeral of a major hero was that of Achilles rather than of Patroclus.
Pallottino writes that ancient and modern thinkers have tried to explain the question of origins with historically accepted stereotypical images of a maritime immigration into Italy from the East, taking place in an early heroic age by Arcadian, Pelasgian, Achaean, Trojan, Lydian, Cretan, and Iapygian peoples.