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a region of ancient Greece on the north coast of the Peloponnese

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The Mycenaean Cemetery at Agios Vasileios, Chalandritsa, in Achaea. Archaeopress, Oxford.
is attacked by a number of insect pests which may include Pachycoris klugii, Agonosoma trilineatum, Scutellaria baicalensis, Pempelia morosalis, Stomphastis thraustica, Achaea janata and Oxycetonia versicolor, while Stegodyphus sp., Pseudotelenomus pachycoris, Beauveria bassiana [15].
Roman religion was also well represented in Corinth, which became the center of the federal imperial cult of Achaea, serving as the focal point of emperor worship in the province.
(10) With Claudius' reorganisation of the eastern provinces, putting Achaea back under the Senate's control (Dio 60.24.1).
They gained control of Achaea on the opposite side of the gulf, thus potentially acquiring the ability to bottle up Corinth in the gulf.
lost his return to the land of Achaea, and is lost himself"
If Achaea stayed clear from the wave of ethnicization, this was due to the evident and immediate benefits which the Achaeans enjoyed in their alliance with Sparta.
Rumen methanogens have been identified as Achaea, in which the major genera are a hydrogenotrophic group.
Similar outbreaks of large numbers of Achaea lienardi moths were reported at the beginning of 2009 in both the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal (Vlok & Villet 2009).
He began with Rome pulling itself off the floor after its terrible defeat at Cannae in 216 BC and took the story as far as 145 BC, by which time Carthage had been destroyed and in mainland Greece 'Macedonia' and 'Achaea' had been established as a province and a protectorate respectively within Rome's official imperial ambit.
"How shameful for you, the high and mighty commander, to lead the sons of Achaea into bloody slaughter," Thersites taunted Agamemnon.
Macedonia and Achaea became Roman provinces in the same year.