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ASA as lysine acetylsalicylate use for in vivo experiments was from Carlo Erba (Milano, Italy).
The chemical name for aspirin is acetylsalicylate and salicylate is to be found in many plants, although the powdered bark of willow trees is a particularly rich source.
He had been taking acetylsalicylate (300 mg/day), enoxaparin (60 mg BID, subcutaneous, periumbilical), perindopril (2 mg/day), isosorbide mononitrate (60 mg/day) since then.
vomiting, (32, 49, 77-79) prolonged fasting, diabetic ketoacidosis); B12 vitamin deficiency; Reye & Reye-like syndromes; pulmonary infections; viral gastroenteritis; von Gierke disease; hyperthyroidism; pregnancy; heat stroke; ethanol; protein malnutrition; high-fat diet Acetoacetate (78) As 3-hydroxybutyrate; acetylsalicylate Lactate and pyruvate Gut bacteria and bacterial (29, 78, 80-82) contamination (D-lactate); short bowel syndrome (D-lactate); secondary lactic acidosis (e.
uremia, hemoglobinopathies, therapy with acetylsalicylate, and sample degradation under adverse storage conditions, can also affect the results [7, 8].